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Proper nice waterproof coats: I've found another piece of the puzzle

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Unprune Wed 10-Nov-10 11:31:18

...which could shed more light on why our niche is being ignored.

I went to Tiso this morning to see if the new Berghaus range was in (it wasn't) and got chatting to the assistant, who was a bit older than me.

I said I thought it was a bit mad that they (the companies they stock) only made either (frumpy, but I held my tongue) anorak-style waterproof coats, or teeny tiny shortie jackets, and that I was dying to try something with a bit of length to it that was properly waterproof.

His response was that people wanted small jackets they could roll up when out on the hills and shove in a backpack. He said if they stocked longer ones, people complained about the weight.

I said that I was pretty sure that many of their sales would be to women who just wanted to stay dry while walking the dog or something, and this honestly did not compute.

So I wonder if the outdoor-coat manufacturers and retailers are so focused on the sport/high performance aspect that they've ignored the fact that we all want to be dry and warm, not just people on rugged hillsides? Do you think it's just a kind of blinkered ignorance rather than them actually doing the sums and deciding not to make them?

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