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Vertbaudet are driving me crazy...again! Can I return something after 28 days?

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moragbellingham Tue 09-Nov-10 14:23:14

I ordered the dressing table and white chest for DD for Xmas (I know, I know, my mum has already told me I can't buy her stuff like that for Xmas) and one has arrived the other is cancelled.
I've been waiting for six weeks for it to be told it's not finally going to arrive.
Now I don't want the matching chest thing so I can send it back do you think?

Had to send back DDs coat as it was 7 weeks late and I obviously got her something else whilst waiting.

cupofcoffee Wed 10-Nov-10 23:07:08

I returned something after 28 days in similar situation with Vertbaudet. I had ordered matching clothes for my boys for a party. One arrived, the other went out of stock and was marked as pending for weeks and weeks. Anyway the party came and went and I went to the shops to get alternate clothes. I emailed them to tell them event had been and gone so I wanted to cancel the outstanding item and asked if I could return the other one which remained unused with label still on. I told them the reason was I had wanted matching. They said it was fine, I sent it back and was refunded.

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