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tell me this dress is terrible so I wont want it so much

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coffeenut Mon 08-Nov-10 22:22:17


SixtyFootDoll Mon 08-Nov-10 22:23:38

it really is terrible
You can see her tights through it

jonicomelately Mon 08-Nov-10 22:23:45

Do you really want to be a Cheryl Cole lookalikey?

LetThemEatCake Mon 08-Nov-10 22:24:59

eh!! what happened to navy??

bellylaugh Mon 08-Nov-10 22:25:14

Yes it is terrible

Casmama Mon 08-Nov-10 22:25:24

I was going to slag it off just because you requested it but it truly is hideous. It is a horrible colour, looks really cheap and doesn't even flatter the model!

oneofsuesylvesterscheerios Mon 08-Nov-10 22:25:35

it really is terrible.


DanceInTheDark Mon 08-Nov-10 22:26:33

Its hideous in real life.

If the model looks shit in it, just think what the mere mortals will look like!

VinegarTits Mon 08-Nov-10 22:26:56

she looks like she has wrapped herself in brown toilet paper

RoobyMurray Mon 08-Nov-10 22:27:15

It is actually horrible. And quite similar to one of the atrocities they were flogging on the apprentice last week.

That should do it.

jonicomelately Mon 08-Nov-10 22:27:23

Or a ribbed condom grin

coffeenut Mon 08-Nov-10 22:27:35

It's okay - still after the navy LTEC, don't worry grin I was just on the Whistles site and had a (now rather fleeting) yearning for this dress.

SixtyFootDoll Mon 08-Nov-10 22:27:47

PMSl at VT!!

TheChamomileLawn Mon 08-Nov-10 22:27:55

wound due to be re-dressed, bandages are stained

VinegarTits Mon 08-Nov-10 22:28:04

or bandages

scurryfunge Mon 08-Nov-10 22:28:29

Looks like a burns victim or an Egyptian fancy dress party reject.

ShowOfHands Mon 08-Nov-10 22:29:10

I saw the apprentice the other day (never seen it before, was at my parents'). That tie dress was inspired. grin

Sorry, off topic...

That isn't a dress OP, it's a cry for help.

VinegarTits Mon 08-Nov-10 22:29:13

you could wear it for halloween, and go as a dirty mummy

coffeenut Mon 08-Nov-10 22:30:12

You guys are great. No longer want. You can stop now. Seriously grin

galletti Mon 08-Nov-10 22:31:01

Would probably look ok in black

VinegarTits Mon 08-Nov-10 22:31:15

omg just saw the price shock

i'll make you one for cheaper <gets bog roll and tea for correct colour>

BibiThree Mon 08-Nov-10 22:31:41

It looks like the cheap NHS material my wrists splints are made from.
Job done.

TheNextMrsDepp Mon 08-Nov-10 22:32:22

How about this one? Still body con, but without the ribbed condom look. Neckline is better too, and price......

SixtyFootDoll Mon 08-Nov-10 22:32:28

yes it looks like mucky tubi grip! Snigger

ShowOfHands Mon 08-Nov-10 22:32:44

Oh but Vinny was about to fashion something. Let her try. Blue Peter is crap these days. I'm crying out for a here's one I made earlier.

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