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Magic top required

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BibiThree Mon 08-Nov-10 11:52:57

Hello, can you help me please? I need a magic top for Saturday. It needs to do the following things

- be long enough to wear over skinny jeans or possibly leggings (I am short though)
- make my norks look AMAZING
- not cling to flabby belly when I sit
- but make my waist look small when I stand
- make me look young and trendy and not like 31 year old mother of three

School reunion/leaving do thingy - will be seeing cliquey girls old school friends and ex boyf so need to look knockout without looking ott as it's in a pretty grotty old hall, not a glam venue.

<not asking much> Bibi

dexter73 Mon 08-Nov-10 11:54:54

What size are you?
What colours suit you?
How much do you want to spend?
Can you order online or are you shopping in real shops?

BibiThree Mon 08-Nov-10 12:02:37

I'm a 16/18, I mostly wear dark colours, nothing pastel/pale looks good on me.
I can spend up to about £50 which I know isn't much but could spend more for a real knockout top.
Can do online and get to shops Thurs/Fri

coffeenut Mon 08-Nov-10 12:05:02

Do you want sleeves?

If it was me, i'd wear some magic underwear underneath (this is my foolproof plan to cover mummy tummy when i need to make an impression) and get something low necked and fitted, with sleeves. Sound ok?

coffeenut Mon 08-Nov-10 12:05:40

low necked?? grin You know what I mean.

BibiThree Mon 08-Nov-10 12:10:23

To play to my strengths, something that makes the most of my boobs is best. Don't mind sleeves or not, I will cover my arms if no sleeves.
I have some black skinny jeans which, with silly heels, make my legs look almost a normal length, but I need to hide to at least mid-thigh.
I am a mess.

coffeenut Mon 08-Nov-10 12:19:50

You are not!

What about something like this?

There may be too much material on the arms but with magic underwear underneath would give you slim line and accentuate waist and boobs?

BibiThree Mon 08-Nov-10 12:23:56

Argh! Am in work so cannot open links, well not that one anyway coffeenut sad
Thank you though, I will look at home tonight unless you can tell em where to find it

coffeenut Mon 08-Nov-10 12:33:48

It was on the Next website - if you search for black tunics you should find it (or somethign you like better!). It has a crossover front, with what looks like a mat sequin belt. Mid thigh length with sleeves.

Lastyearsmodel Mon 08-Nov-10 12:53:59

This? Would depend on how it's cut and how it hangs on you. Elbow length sleeve if you have nice forearms and hands to emphasise with good jewellery.

I am similar size to you with big boobs so I look for tunics/dresses that are empire line-ish, fitted around/under the bust but - crucially - not gathered as this makes me look pregnant. And big/batwing arms make me look worse, so slightly fitted works better. But you have to try loads of stuff on and don't discount cheapy places like Peacocks and New Look. Also, try not to look at size labels - if it looks good on you, the numbers don't matter.

BibiThree Mon 08-Nov-10 13:46:59

Oooh I do love that Lastyearsmodel, it's the kind of top I always pick up, try and and leave the changing room in a foul mood with(out).
If it doesn't come in under the bust I don't touch it, my boobs stick out a fair way and that would fall from there making me look v pregnant.
<wanders off to look for bandages in a vain attempt to strap them down>

Thanks coffeenut, will look now

BibiThree Mon 08-Nov-10 13:48:52

Coffeenut, I bloody love that! It's out of stock though so will have to scour shops for it. And it's a good price and I'll wear it to death.

coffeenut Mon 08-Nov-10 18:50:14

That's great Bibi. Let us know how you go and if you can't find it, I'm sure we can find something similar.

BibiThree Mon 08-Nov-10 21:24:55

Okay so I tried it on after work ... it looked cheap and a bit like a nanna top. sad
Will keep looking

coffeenut Mon 08-Nov-10 22:00:21

Oh no sad

What about one of these:




coffeenut Mon 08-Nov-10 22:01:07

i like the embellished one - simple but dressy - but would definitely wear spanx or something similar underneath.

BibiThree Tue 09-Nov-10 16:12:45

Ooh I like the first too, I am definitely going shopping on Friday, and although that may well be leaving it late, I have to try things on.
I've ordered two tops from asos, although not sure either will suit me, best friend assures me I must keep trying styles I'm not sure of as I may be surprised by what I see... She is of course a size 10 and tall so most things look good on her hmm



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