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Please help me choose my engagement ring; choice of two!

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SevernTrentWater Sun 07-Nov-10 16:18:58

engagement ring help! Please! If you had to choose, which of these two would it be?

I need to decide by tomorrow. I've got a choice between two as technically we purchased one, but then I had second thoughts! The shop owner is holding them both for me. I'm not a diamond fan.

I've found pictures that are pretty good apprioximates of the two i'm comparing

Looks like this on: -garnet-ring-3.jpg
but more this round shape: ndrhodolitegarnetring.html

It's marquise shape like this: iamond-ring-18-carat-gold-p-42.html
Looks like this on: ristensaquaring1.jpg

I want a stunning ring that looks classy, elegant and worth every penny, but isn't a classic engagement ring gem!

SandStorm Sun 07-Nov-10 16:21:24

I like the first one - it's a nice bold colour that won't age. The second one looked a bit wishy-washy to me.

purplepeony Sun 07-Nov-10 16:21:46

I don't like red stones I am afraid, but do have a completely plain rectangular aquamarine set in 4 claws and white cold which gets lots of compliments- so I'd say No. 2.

Narketta Sun 07-Nov-10 16:24:36

I like them both but the first one is beautiful.

BunnyLebowski Sun 07-Nov-10 16:24:43

Ooooh the first one definitely. Beautiful!

The colour of the second one is a bit meh <shrugs>.

Rocketbird Sun 07-Nov-10 16:25:21

Number 2 definitely. More subtle and beautiful than 1.

purplepeony Sun 07-Nov-10 16:32:25

maybe you should think about the colour clothes you wear a lot- red for me would not go with any of my clothes, but as i wear loads of blues and turquoises the aquamarine does.

red will also clash with nail colours if you wear them.

SevernTrentWater Sun 07-Nov-10 16:32:38

Thank you or your comments so far. Really useful!

Just to add, the second ring is a lot brighter blue and is marquise shape unlike the ring in the second picture, although it is more understated and sits on the fnger like that (no diamonds on the shoulders etc)

purplepeony Sun 07-Nov-10 16:37:09

this is my ring without the diamonds.

I don't know if you are superstitious- or into brith stomes? aquamarine is my birth colour coincidentally, and itis also supposed to bring luck/calmness when worn.

This is not my engagemenet ring, I just treated myself.

scurryfunge Sun 07-Nov-10 16:38:46

The second one would be my choice. Do you intend to wear the wedding ring with it? If so, I think the second one would look better.


MmeLindt Sun 07-Nov-10 16:38:47

I prefer the second one, but not so keen on the extreme shape. Prefer one like this - less spiky.

marriedandlookingforcake Sun 07-Nov-10 16:40:19

Love the aquamarine,beautiful colour. More unusual stone I think and would catch the light better than a garnet.

cece Sun 07-Nov-10 16:41:01

I like the shape of the first one but the colour of the second one.

I never wear red so would have problems with red clashing with my clothes.

Have you thought about how raised they are? As it may get caught in things?

Which one sits best with a wedding ring alongside it?

cece Sun 07-Nov-10 16:41:55

oh and I've also had trouble with stones falling out of rings -look at the settings and consider that too.

MadameCastafiore Sun 07-Nov-10 16:47:03

I don't like either think they look very dated and in a sense like costume jewellry.

ALso white gold is very soft and will mark and dent easily - platinum is the better material to go for if you don;t want yellow gold.

Mine is like this but you probably think it is boring - I think it is classic and is as an engagement ring should be - think if you go down the shaped, coloured route it will date terribly and you may go off of it. I would save that sort of thing for costume jewellry which you can wear when the mood takes you and to go with what you are wearing.

verytellytubby Sun 07-Nov-10 16:47:09

Number 2. I don't like red stones.

PurpleP - I love your ring!!! If I had the cash I'd order it now.

purplepeony Sun 07-Nov-10 16:49:41

VTT- Thanks! Mine was cheaper - still bought at JL- but decided I didn't want the diamond shoulders.

verytellytubby Sun 07-Nov-10 16:52:37

This one?

I'm saving up!

phipps Sun 07-Nov-10 16:52:54

The number 2 looks like this on ring.

The red one is very red, the marquis one is too big to be practical but the square diamond one is lovely.

TotorosOcarina Sun 07-Nov-10 16:54:05


Clary Sun 07-Nov-10 16:54:36

Is the first one a garnet? Or a ruby? (Rubies much nicer IMO for engagement ring, garnets more like costume jewellery type thing, agree madameC there).

I prefer the first for colour but then I love red stones. Also the second one's shape may be awkward with a wedding ring/may catch on clothes etc?

IsItMeOr Sun 07-Nov-10 16:56:23

I like purplepeony's.

purplepeony Sun 07-Nov-10 16:56:37

VTT It's in between the two-it's bigger than the one you have linked to , same size as the first one I linked to- was just over £500. It's in 18 carat white gold which bumped the price up.

MadameCastafiore Sun 07-Nov-10 16:56:47

vellytellytubby - that's more like it - but stone a bit wishy washy!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sun 07-Nov-10 16:57:42

Number one would be my choice.

That style is a classic and I think it's also starting to come back into fashion again. I think people are bored of diamonds set in platinum or white gold.

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