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Fabby fabby fabby boots

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colditz Sat 06-Nov-10 23:05:58

[ roduct_info&products_id=526:044f66673f8a4965d758e1 1606179f6b

GallumDrawnAndQuartered Sat 06-Nov-10 23:10:49

linky just goes to s&B threads pag

colditz Sat 06-Nov-10 23:31:21 nfo&products_id=526:044f66673f8a4965d758e11606179f 6b

colditz Sat 06-Nov-10 23:31:44

That's better

UnrequitedSkink Sat 06-Nov-10 23:34:15

Hmm. I like the whole biker/cowboy combo thing but they're just a bit black and shiny looking tbh...

colditz Sat 06-Nov-10 23:35:11

I like black and shiny

UnrequitedSkink Sat 06-Nov-10 23:37:41

Well alrighty then!

tethersend Sat 06-Nov-10 23:38:05

I no longer fear hell

colditz Sat 06-Nov-10 23:39:35

You no longer fear hell?

have I missed something?

I think they're LUSH.

I ride motorbike so they are multipurpose.

Odelay Sat 06-Nov-10 23:40:06

Owwww my eyes

UnrequitedSkink Sat 06-Nov-10 23:40:40

Actually, I've had a glass of wine and I have to confess - they're frickin' horrible. I'm sorry, I was trying to be all nice and positive but...just - NO.

colditz Sat 06-Nov-10 23:43:09

I'm buying them

winnybella Sat 06-Nov-10 23:45:35

The pattern thing in front- isn't it pink and green?

brimfull Sat 06-Nov-10 23:46:41

they're not as fabby as my new boots
but if you're a biker girl then they are also fabby

brimfull Sat 06-Nov-10 23:48:18

they are pretty hard core colditz

PropertySnake Sat 06-Nov-10 23:48:49

Nessa (from Gavin & Stacey) would LOVE them. I think they're mingin. grin

colditz Sat 06-Nov-10 23:53:05

I look a bit like Nessa

Seriously, I need something that will not fall off my feet after 5 weeks' wear.

I bought a £90 pair of lovely brown leather boots last year, and they were SHREDDED in 5 weeks. I was cold and miserable and someone very kindly sent me a pair of lovely boots through the post.

This year, I'm buying something that will deal with rain, snow, dog walking and motorbikes.

brimfull Sun 07-Nov-10 00:01:48

if it's lasting quality you want you ccan't get better than blundstones
not quite the same style though

colditz Sun 07-Nov-10 00:15:57

gip gip gip gip gip

They look like something my dad would wear.

I have the taste of a recently-out-of-the-closet transvestive. I'm only disapointed that there are no spikes on them.

colditz Sun 07-Nov-10 11:19:56

Bump for the bored sunday crowd..........

HuckingFell Sun 07-Nov-10 11:54:53

i like em. former glam metal dresser...will strong tendencies still in the black studs, shiny style.

you could always add bootstraps

piratecat Sun 07-Nov-10 12:01:46

i wanna see the boots, the link wil not open, i hate this sodding laptop windows 7 is utter misery.

TimeOrPlace Sun 07-Nov-10 12:03:30

Oi gg. How tight are they around ankle

brimfull Sun 07-Nov-10 12:31:54

not tight
soo comfy

brimfull Sun 07-Nov-10 12:32:36

you are talking about KG ones yes?

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