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Starting to age - inevitably - and don't mind, but look like I could look better iyswim

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Unprune Sat 06-Nov-10 16:53:55

It's a combination of being late 30s, being a bit grey/red of complexion, and it being the start of winter. And I had a haircut a couple of weeks ago that I thought would grow in ok, but in fact it is just a shit haircut.

If you're that age or older, what do you think are good things to make you not look younger, but look better? I don't mind looking my age but I need to look less like I've given up.

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 06-Nov-10 16:57:55

Definitely get your hair coloured - it really makes all the difference. Grey/white makes you look very tired, as well as older.

Your red complexion - if it's thread/spider veins, you can have these lasered. Not too expensive.

Good moisturiser - morning and night - IMO really helps. And, (sadly) being a little overweight also helps, rather than being thin!!! Fills out some of the lines.

Have you ever had your colours done? That can also help. If you're wearing the right colours/tones, it reflects back on your skin and helps you look healthier.

Otherwise, plenty of sleep and lots of water, I believe.

<wonders if the water in Sauvignon Blanc count?>

Pannacotta Sat 06-Nov-10 17:02:11

Good skin, white teeth and a decent haircut, with soft colour to cover grey, if needed.
I have thread veins and am going ot have them zapped with IPL I think.

I think an even skin tone is a useful way to make you look good for your age, if that makes sense?

Unprune Sat 06-Nov-10 17:02:16

Yes I think I'm resigned to having my hair coloured, and a proper haircut would go well as well (that's fifty bleedin' quid I'll never see again, grr). I'm not grey at all (well I pick out the few I have) and have really dark hair - I'll just have to pick a new hairdresser and hope for the best, eek.

I've just always had a blushy sort of complexion, with some attractive red blotches as well. Tinted moisturiser does help a bit.

Colours done: nope. Doesn't it cost a lot?

vinorosado Sat 06-Nov-10 17:05:50

Yes, I second loads and loads of water and sleep, for a week if possible. I am the same age and in the same situation as you and if I don't drink alcohol or too much coffee and go to bed early for a week, it knocks off years, you get the glow back! The red/dull complexion improves enormously and you get cheekbones. Hard to do and boring but worth it!

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 06-Nov-10 17:12:21

This lot charge £90

I suspect you can probably find someone to do it a lot cheaper for you - if you have a friend who has had it done, they may be able to help you with the basic principles.

Of - it would be a lovely Christmas present to put on your list!

purplepeony Sat 06-Nov-10 17:33:25

Number 1 tip-Always use SPF under you make up. I have used Clinique City Block for 15 years factor 25/40- and 2 people inthe last few months said they thought I was 43- I am 55.

Other tips
Use a good foundation- doesn't have to be thick cement but enough to cover blemsihes etc, and a light reflecting concealer under eyes.
Glossy lips.
Don't put weight on- instantly ageing as well as the 3 chins look.
keep teeth white.

Go to a make up counter like Bobbi brown for a make over- you don't have to buy but they do good subtle colour.

faustina Sat 06-Nov-10 17:51:41

echoing the losing weight bit- makes a massive difference

anothermum92 Sat 06-Nov-10 17:52:32

Message withdrawn

Bonsoir Sat 06-Nov-10 21:48:12

An über-healthy lifestyle is the best way to look as young as possible... no late nights, very little alcohol, digestion-friendly diet, regular moderate exercise (walking, yoga, pilates). Make-up every day. And great clothes!

tummysgottogo Sat 06-Nov-10 22:04:50

what bonsoir said smile

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 06-Nov-10 22:16:04

Goodness, I would fail on all of those, Bonsoir! But I don't do too badly. Picture on my profile was taken when I was 48 - proof!

So I suppose I would also have to argue that you need to have good genes ... !

WhatsWrongWithYou Sat 06-Nov-10 22:50:11

Can jump in and ask Purplepeony (or anyone else) which teeth-whitening method she'd recommend?

Have been thinking of having this done for ages but keep hearing the cons of the methods and can't decide which to go for.

purplepeony Sun 07-Nov-10 10:01:25

I had mine done at the dentist. Moulds made adn trays to wear with the bleach gel- they are like gum shields. It was expensive £400 so shop around. was annoyed to see my dentist had an ofer this years for £200! The benefit of the dentist is that they check your gums and teeth, give you the right strength gel, and offer you check ups- i went back twice for her to see the colour change. If you get the bealch on your gums it can burn them, as can too strong a bleach. My teeeth are not white andnever will be, but they are whiter- were very very cream- almost the far end of the shade chart and now they are middle to top end.

higgle Sun 07-Nov-10 10:10:59

The feelings of well being definately start within - so getting a high from exercise - and enjoying the benefits of a toned body - is a good start. Clinique seems a bit out of fashion at the moment but I have used the dramatically different moisturiser for 29 years (I'm 54) and my skin is pretty good - I get compliments like pp too - I'm alergic to most sun screens, but always wear make up and work indoors.

WhatsWrongWithYou Sun 07-Nov-10 11:25:10

I did that about 10 years ago, PP, but found the gel made my teeth sensitive after three uses, which was hideously painful.

It did lighten them, though - enough that I could actually smile at people without looking away - but I managed to melt the moulds when I decided they should be sterilised with a good boiling blush.

Must get around to having more made.

purplepeony Sun 07-Nov-10 11:45:50

Maybe you could use a less strong gel?
I do have some sensitivity afterwards but it wears off and my dentist gave me some fluroide desensitiser to rub on- have never had to use it. i find that one tooth gets a bit sensitive in very cold weather of if i am ill, for some reason.

TracyK Sun 07-Nov-10 12:00:35

My dentist recommended using Fluorigard mouth wash in the 2 weeks leading up to the whitening as it really strengthens them.

I didn't and Dh did. I had a painful time - he didn't!

I usually do 1 night with the gel and 1 night with sensodine toothpaste and it helps. but I still find it - not a painfree process -but a process that I battle through for 3 or 4 days for whiter teeth.
I got my gum shield made by the dentist and just buy top up syringes of gel every 3 years or so and give them a quick blast.

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