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This coat-whaddya reckon?

(57 Posts)
moondog Fri 05-Nov-10 20:43:35

What is consensus on this Isabelle Oliver coat? Classic or dull?

Jewelsandgems Fri 05-Nov-10 20:50:43

I think zara are better

tethersend Fri 05-Nov-10 20:54:32

Dull I think, sorry- maybe if were cut slightly differently... or a different colour... it just makes me think of Fulham rather than classic French IYSWIM.

BTW, where have you been? S&B needs you- it's tunic and leggings season, and somebody must help me fight the madness grin

missorinoco Fri 05-Nov-10 21:00:15

I think it's beautiful. Drooling with envy.

moondog Fri 05-Nov-10 21:00:23

God, I don't want Fulham or 'classic French'.
That's bloody dull but yes Tether, you are right I think but I need a nice dark coat.

I've only ventured into Zara a few times. Seemed a bit cheap tbh.

I have been orfline for weeks. Twas terrible. Then I got involved with some heavy duty work stuff so am in the wilderness sartorially speaking.

I wore a very nice pair of 40s style suede purple shoes today if that helps?

moondog Fri 05-Nov-10 21:00:41

Ah, Orinoco speaks out.

tethersend Fri 05-Nov-10 21:26:37

<clutches moondog to bosom>

You must never leave again. Never.

What sort of coat are you after?

What's your budget? Any no-nos?

Jewelsandgems Fri 05-Nov-10 21:30:26

I think you're either a 'love zara' person (like me) or not. But yes, they do have some cheaper things and some not so cheap. I do buy a new coat each year, and like the envious glances I get from my zara coat(s), so works well for me

moondog Fri 05-Nov-10 21:39:08

What a lovely return home. smile
I want something long and slimline in charcoal I think.
I've got shorter more colourful things already.
I'd spend maybe £300.
I'll have to check out Zara again.

I'm in the sticks so shopping either online or erratic real life splurges so probably not well enough acquainted with the stock.

brimfull Fri 05-Nov-10 21:44:59

i like this but it'sblack

moondog Fri 05-Nov-10 21:46:21

That's nice.
I think I like a bit longer thoguh.
(Would that make me look like a dodgy bookie?)

SingingTunelessly Fri 05-Nov-10 21:48:22

God that IO coat is gorgeous. Really want it but don't NEED it. <dilemma>

blinks Fri 05-Nov-10 21:49:18

i loooooooove this one.

brimfull Fri 05-Nov-10 21:49:24

too short? and not wool
don't know why i'm linking but I do like it

SingingTunelessly Fri 05-Nov-10 21:52:02

Also like the PC one but think I look a bit sergeant majorish when it needs doing up like that. If I leave it open it always looks a bit bag lady.

moondog Fri 05-Nov-10 21:52:23

Blinks, ya reckon?
God, i think it is hideous and would date in about 3 weeks.

G, that could look really great or really really dull.
It's a terrifyingly fine line sometimes.

tethersend Fri 05-Nov-10 21:52:39

Hmm... charcoal you say...






Bugger the budget

moondog Fri 05-Nov-10 21:52:58

Yes, good point ST.

blinks Fri 05-Nov-10 21:53:36

<takes coat and flings it into the sea>

brimfull Fri 05-Nov-10 21:54:35

suspect tethers beaten me to it

BeattieBow Fri 05-Nov-10 21:55:34

I ordered that coat and had to send it back - sleeves were really long, even though I am tall and not freakishly short-armed.

brimfull Fri 05-Nov-10 21:55:58

marc jacobs one is lush

moondog Fri 05-Nov-10 21:56:01


1. I LOVE it.

2. Dodgy bookie

3. Reject from Duran Duran circa 1983

4. Suitable for pensioners only

5. Frumpy

6. Pregnant undertaker

tethersend Fri 05-Nov-10 21:56:14

Gah. You pipped me ggirl grin

moondog Fri 05-Nov-10 21:56:58

I love Hobbs.
Beattie the IO one?

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