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Moisturiser settling-in period?

(10 Posts)
EndoTheRoad Fri 05-Nov-10 11:55:44


Started using a new (oily) face wash and moisturiser (of the same brand).

It's been 5 days and I have gained a few (extra) little pimples on my face.

Would you persevere or abandon?

Thanks for any replies.

TracyK Fri 05-Nov-10 12:11:10

It depends - has either of them got AHA's or the like in them?

If they do then I'm guessing they'll be bringing out the impurities first.

But if not - I'd ditch.

EndoTheRoad Fri 05-Nov-10 12:28:24


Not sure.

They're from the L'occitane range, so assumed these (plant-based) products could only be good...

TracyK Fri 05-Nov-10 12:54:20

Is it quite perfumed?

EndoTheRoad Fri 05-Nov-10 15:59:11

Well, parfum is listed on both the products, about half way through the list.

This is bad?

TracyK Sun 07-Nov-10 07:39:01

How's it going Endo? Has it settled down yet?

EndoTheRoad Tue 09-Nov-10 09:34:36

It's not going well - more zits and general blotchy crapness.

It's been 9 days. I am not pleased.

Cost muchas pounds - will grieve me to dash it.


margherita76 Tue 09-Nov-10 09:42:53

take it back and say you came out in a rash (go in with no makeup on). Given the price of that range I would say you should ask for your money back. Also - they are a bit pseudo natural IMO, and you are better off with Liz Earle or Sanctuary at Boots or even Soap and Glory

polyhymnia Tue 09-Nov-10 09:54:26

Agree with margherita - IMO L'Occitane is more of a marketing concept than a serious 'natural' (as much as anything can be - even plants are made up of chemicals) product. I've also always found their perfumes very strong and 'artificial' smelling. Definitely take the product back and ask for a refund. I've done this with a v. pricy Lancome cream in past when I had a bad reaction and they refunded without fuss.

As for what is really more 'natural', as I've said, I think there's lots of hype around on that one, and I wouldn't particularly recommend another line on those grounds. Also, my own skin isn't oily so I don't know what works best.

Hope you get it sorted.

EndoTheRoad Tue 09-Nov-10 11:13:20

Oh dear.

I bought the bits in the UK and I won't be back there until Christmas - not even sure I have the receipt, damnit.

Doubt they'll refund without receipt/with receipt a couple months old, will they?

Have made a note of recommendations. Thank you.

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