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Yet another boots thread - flat knee high brown and I want a zip - help pls

(27 Posts)
EldonAve Wed 03-Nov-10 19:31:35

I liked these dune polar ones but no zip and they're a bit piratey

dune beauty suspect a zip at the back to be annoying

office front too wrinkly

ugg too warm too much money? black sole looks a bit naff with suede

any suggestions?

tethersend Wed 03-Nov-10 19:35:17 roductDisplay?catalogId=33057&storeId=12556&produc tId=1892228&langId=-1&sort_field=Relevance&categor yId=208541&parent_categoryId=208492&sort_field=Rel evance&pageSize=20&siteID=0RpXOIXA500-Wcovqrs2t2Ao iq8wuJnDgA&cmpid=ukls_deeplink&_$ja=tsid:19906

(Can't do topshop links angry)

PlumSykes Wed 03-Nov-10 19:35:46

I have a great fancy for these, but they may be too horsey?

EdgarAirbombPoe Wed 03-Nov-10 19:36:55

any of these ?

PlumSykes Wed 03-Nov-10 19:39:36

Quite like the look of these M&S ones

pawarmum Wed 03-Nov-10 19:42:53

topshop - i have black version, v. comfy and good quality, they do it in brown also

BikeRun40NextWeek Wed 03-Nov-10 19:43:05

I have these in brown and in red. They are about 4 or 5 years old, warm, dry, hardwearing, love them.

tethersend Wed 03-Nov-10 19:48:46

Back zip but nice








girlsyearapart Wed 03-Nov-10 19:54:48

Can't link and don't know whether there are any bentalls anywhere else but I got some lovely ones last week from bentalls dept store.
49 quid brown or black zips knee high v comfy look good with skirts or trousers the make is marco tozzi

Maryqueenofchocs Wed 03-Nov-10 19:58:28

I bought these a few weeks ago and have worn them every day since! I LOVE THEM!

jones bootmaker

Can be worn turned up or down, and super

gibba8 Wed 03-Nov-10 20:10:18

Asda are selling brown boots that fit your description perfectly. £36 - they are lovely. I have the brown and black ones and they are super comfy.

EldonAve Wed 03-Nov-10 22:02:49

thanks for all the suggestions

I'm quite liking the Esprit suede ones

Zippy01 Thu 04-Nov-10 08:17:44

I second teh Asda ones, are leather and better than most more than double the price...I love them!

EldonAve Thu 04-Nov-10 10:59:10

Thanks Zippy01 - I couldn't find them online and we don't have Asda with clothes/shoes round here unfortunately

arfasleep Thu 04-Nov-10 11:15:31

these from Ecco come in brown too, waterfroof, were linked last week on another thread.

EldonAve Fri 05-Nov-10 17:36:08

thanks, they look good, I'll see if they have them in town

NinkyNonker Fri 05-Nov-10 20:40:01

Can recommend the Hush Puppy ones that Tethersend recommended further up here, I ordered them on the off-chance and they're great. Rich colour, and really really comfy. Very pleased! I was worried they'd look 'granny-ish' in the flesh as I've never had HP boots before, but they're pretty good.

Thanks Tethersend!

boontrade Sat 06-Nov-10 08:35:03

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

boontrade Sat 06-Nov-10 08:52:26

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Pannacotta Sat 06-Nov-10 09:02:02

These look quite nice, also think Ecco boots are pretty good, comfortable and look decent too. Knee_Length_Boots_in_Brown_Leather.aspx

franke Sat 06-Nov-10 09:56:01

Ninky - how tall are the Hush Puppy boots as in how high is the boot shaft?

NinkyNonker Sat 06-Nov-10 20:55:42

I'll dig out a tape measure tomorrow Pannacotta, but in the meantime they are upper calf level on me. Not knee high if you see what I mean, but fairly flattering as they are not so short that they cut off across the widest part of my calf. I'm 5'8" with approx a 33" inside leg so not short.

LoveRedShoes Sat 06-Nov-10 23:00:16

Have you looked at timberland boots - bought two styles from their range - very nice!

NinkyNonker Sun 07-Nov-10 19:08:54

Hi Pannacotta, just measured them and the height from sole is 14.5 inches. Circumference of the top is 14 inches. That's on a size 6.

Pannacotta Sun 07-Nov-10 21:36:53

Thanks Ninky, it was franke who asked!

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