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high waist jeans that don't give camel foot!

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willowstar Tue 02-Nov-10 14:34:26


this is my first post on this section but I often lurk. I have a problem that i hope someone can help me with. I haven't lost all my baby weight and am carrying it around my hips and abdomen. I am really uncomfortable in jeans as it seems to ooze over the top and have virtually stopped wearing jeans and trousers. Anyway, I saw on here someone talking about high waist slim leg jeans being good for containing the stomach so I ordered a pair from Boden. My first Boden purchase. They arrived today but sadly when I tried them on they gave me camel foot. I often have this problem when I pull jeans up so that they sit on my waist as they feel they should.

Surely I am not so deformed as to be the only person to have this problem...I just wondered if anyone else had found good jeans that sit on the waist but are long enough in the crotch area. I am size 14. I live in the middle of nowhere in East Anglia with no childcare so do most of my shopping on line.

many thanks.

stirlingstar Tue 02-Nov-10 14:37:50

Watching with interest. I think I have a long crotch (?!) as there doesn't seem to be enough rise in jeans that say they are meant to sit on the waist.

Silkstalkings Tue 02-Nov-10 14:53:26

Molly highwaist skinny jeans by South from Littlewoods/Very can be good. Unfortunately they seem to have 2 different versions on the go - one is amazing (with hippy-style writing inside the waistband), one is a totally different size/shape and it appears to be pot luck which you get. Worth getting different colours and seeing what you get.

Jajas Tue 02-Nov-10 14:55:12

Wear a tunic/jumper that covers the said offending area? I've got a pair of the Boden jeans and agree they do look a bit odd but very comfy. Tis a dilemma for sure!

Chandon Tue 02-Nov-10 16:14:32

what is camel foot?????

willowstar Tue 02-Nov-10 16:37:49

thanks Silk, I'll have a look at those. Chandon, I just tried to find a definition for you and apparently it is also called camels is where the jeans or trousers are too tight in the crotch area and cut up into you. google it and I'm sure there are photos. lovely!

Jajas Tue 02-Nov-10 16:50:50

oh god don't google.. mind boggles let alone googles

margherita76 Tue 02-Nov-10 16:52:23

I know what you mean but my problem is not so much camel feet / toes but the fact that the waist NEVER goes high enough. I want jeans that are like spanx. I did get a pair once from topshop but it was a long time ago before high waists were in fashion (before i had a baby too!). I bought some more topshop skinny highwaist the other day and they finish just in time for my post baby tummy to ooze over the top like the rolling hills of ...erm somewhere . thinking about it i might have the camel problem but am too distracted by the rolling hills problems to check...

TaudrieTattoo Tue 02-Nov-10 17:35:13

Next high waist skinnies are great. No more muffin top and plenty of room in the body. And I speak as someone with short legs and a long torso - five foot seven with 30" legs blush

If you want jeans that are like spanx, have you heard of Not Your Daughter's Jeans? They are designed to hold you in. I found them a bit frumpy looking when I tried them on, but this was a few years ago, they might have brought out some new designs since.

gorehaginhellsbum Tue 02-Nov-10 18:37:49

Agree with tawdry about Next high waist skinnies.
Try them out and you might find they hold everything in. I didn't get on with Boden jeans either.

willowstar Tue 02-Nov-10 19:07:28

marvellous! I can get to Next quite easily to try them on so I'll give them a bash. I just need to lose a stone and feel better about myself but in the meantime a good pair of jeans will definately help.

Rolling hills...what a great description, I have several undulations.

margherita76 Tue 02-Nov-10 19:07:42

re next high waist - do they go saggy round the knees and are they a true fit?

naffedoff Tue 02-Nov-10 19:16:48

I finally tried the Next high waist skinnies after having a size 10 and a size 12 on back order for a few weeks and eagerly awaited their arrival.

Oh the disappointment of not being able to get the 10 over my calves and then hoisting the 12 up with some difficulty, only to discover that the waist was too big. I'll never know if the 10s would have fitted round the waist.....sad

Meggles76 Tue 02-Nov-10 20:12:37

I have the next ones and love them. They have not gone baggy or saggy either

gorehaginhellsbum Tue 02-Nov-10 21:14:46

They haven't shrunk, which is a first for me!
They are suprisingly tight on the calves but they can then go into your boots without too much wrinkling.

I have skinny legs and a big bum and am a 10/12 and find the 10 a better fit weirdly enough.grin

Only place I found them instore was Oxford St (Bond St).

willowstar Tue 09-Nov-10 22:27:45

well just to report back...I ordered the Molly highwaist skinny jeans from Very and they arrived today. Very dissapointed, they are not how they appear on the website and don't seem to be that high waisted at all. I didn't take your advice Silk in that I ordered the same colour in different sizes so maybe I should have gone for a different colour.

I am going to send them back and exchange for a different colour. Failing that I'll move on to the next jeans that were recommended.

Havingkittens Wed 10-Nov-10 10:48:07

If you want a great pair of high waisted jeans that aren't skinnies, just classic straight leg, then Levis 751 are really good. They come up to just below the belly button and I find them really flattering around the hips and bum too. You will find them in the mens or unisex department as they are just classic jeans like 501s and not a seasonal "fashion" style but trust me, despite this, they are very flattering to the female figure too (probably more so than they are on blokes!)

Piffpaffpoff Wed 10-Nov-10 14:13:42

Will watch this thread with interest as I totally have this problem! I have only got one pair of jeans at the mo and would like another but struggle to find any. I have thought about getting some tunic tops but they just make me look approx 6 months pregnant, which is not such a good look given that DD is 2 nowblush.

willowstar Wed 10-Nov-10 18:50:48

interesting. I haven't worn levi's for years...I could give them a bash. I too only have one pair of jeans, they look rubbish, I feel rubbish when I am wearing them and all in all just need a decent pair or two. I will report back again on my quest.

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