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Boden Childrens Coats Offer is back on!!

(58 Posts)
kittya Tue 02-Nov-10 11:50:00 Dont forget to put in your 15% code in as well.

I would recommend, the girls short duffles and the padded jacket with removal arms!!

kittya Tue 02-Nov-10 17:25:55

Seems you all must have bought last time this great offer was on!!

EasterEggHuntIsOver Tue 02-Nov-10 17:34:11

Thanks kittya! But only 25% off now (last time round it was 30% off).

But I see the offer is 30% off on the US site. Johnnie pandering to the US market again?? hmm

BTW, hope your nieces loved their coats

FIMBOfedupofrandomfireworks Tue 02-Nov-10 17:42:47

Can anyone give me a 15% off code. Have tried to use A827 from my cat but it only gives free postage not anymore discount.

kittya Tue 02-Nov-10 18:05:01

ENAD, unless they have realised how much of a bargain it was last time and changed the rules.

They loved them and have never had them off.

gorehaginhellsbum Tue 02-Nov-10 18:18:49

Thanks kittya I've been sitting waiting like a lemon for my order to arrive. The fleece lined anorak they said would be coming something like 3 weeks ages ago hasn't arrived but strangely is back in stock. Think they've lost my order so have ordered again and now it's cheaper!
LNAR gives you 15% off in addition to the 25% off in the mini offer shop.

kittya Tue 02-Nov-10 18:43:08

the short check duffle has especially gone down well and, my sister said out of the six coats its her favourite.

Oh, size up for them all!

FIMBOfedupofrandomfireworks Wed 03-Nov-10 13:33:45

Thank you Kittya & gore.

kittya Wed 03-Nov-10 17:18:03

what did you order. You know if its over £30 that get £10 off code worked last time? which makes them a complete bargain.

FIMBOfedupofrandomfireworks Wed 03-Nov-10 17:19:35

So how many codes can you use then?
I am in the process of ordering the boys fleecy anorak in blue. But if I can get another £10 off fabulous!

cornsilkpyrotechnicqueen Wed 03-Nov-10 17:25:32

some menswear reduced this time as well

kittya Wed 03-Nov-10 17:51:40

I just know that last time, if you spent over Thirty you could put in the get a tenner of code. I cant remember it but its on here somewhere under codes. I havent bought anything this time so I dont know if it still works.

You can only put one code in!! make sure you dont pay postage either. Good luck.

I wouldnt dither too much though, it could be gone tomorrow.

tethersend Wed 03-Nov-10 18:01:59

Thanks kittya smile I have resisted buying anything from Boden as I hate it so much but have now bought this for DD; with the codes it was £34, so £20 off full price.

I can live with being an MN cliche for £20 off grin

kittya Wed 03-Nov-10 18:09:59

I hope you like it. I did look at that one.

The childrens clothes are generally lovely quality so are worth it. Wellcome to the cult!!! You will be just like us now, slagging it off, yet buying it at the same time. Only with a good discount though. Never, ever full price!! (does anyone do that I wonder?)

bunjies Wed 03-Nov-10 18:11:33

Thanks so much for this and the 15% off code. Have just ordered the fleece lined anorak for £22.95 instead of £34.

kittya Thu 04-Nov-10 09:17:49

great!! I do like a bargain! smile

SerendipityAlways Thu 04-Nov-10 09:19:28

The £10 off code still works too! XHNT plus free postage and returns.

My DS's lovely fleece lined coat arrived last week, in cherry red, simply gorgeous. Its the one with the removable sleeve which can double up as a gilet in warmer weather. Very good quality and true to size also!

kittya Thu 04-Nov-10 09:28:33

we sized up. I feel bereft now that I have no one else to order them for!

stillfrazzled Thu 04-Nov-10 13:35:59

Am I doing something wrong? Can't make the XHNT code work sad

EasterEggHuntIsOver Thu 04-Nov-10 13:42:23

Only the 15% off code (M730) can be used in conjunction with the offers I think...

I still can't decide what coat to get! When is the offer on until?

The Pretty Velvet Coat in plum is almost sold out

moragbellingham Thu 04-Nov-10 14:26:48

I didn't like the girls' colours for the padded jackets, do you think the boys styling looks OK on a girl.
The green and red seem quite unisex?

Sazisi Thu 04-Nov-10 15:24:15

This code works with the offers: M622 for £50 OFF when you spend £200, £25 OFF £125, £15 OFF £100, plus free delivery

I just got the £50 off, which is like 25% if you don't go much over £200.

kittya Thu 04-Nov-10 16:00:39

god, I dont like that offer at all, who can spend £200?

The XHNT has worked all along, its a shame if they have caught on to it. The 15% is just as good. They will take the offer away as sneakily as they put it on so dont dilly dally.

The unisex coat in plum is lovely but it comes up snug

The purple padded jacket with the removable sleeves is a lovely shade of purple. Again, size up if you want to get two seasons out of it.

Sazisi Thu 04-Nov-10 16:04:23

Morag, I agree they look unisex.

Has anyone bought the fleece lined anorak? I've ordered one for DD3 in 3-4 (she'll be 4 in February) and worried she'll grow out of it too quickly. She still just fits in her sister's old 2-3 one, but has the sizing changed confused

Sazisi Thu 04-Nov-10 16:09:01

Kittya, I didn't, I spent £156 I got coats for DD2 and DD3, a lambswool jumper present for my dad, and an orange cashmere cardi for me (blush at this last one)

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