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Make up advice please for Rosacea....want to be dewy!

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exhaustednurse Wed 20-Oct-10 09:19:37


Since having DS my skin is dreadful. I have rosacea over my nose and cheeks. Have had it before, have sort of expected that I am stuck with it really.

However, I need to get some new make up. I would like a more dewy look to my skin, but obviously need good coverage and also staying power to my make up. I find at the moment it looks ok just after I do it, but after an hour it has vanished and my nose has loads of dryness.

I have tried Chanel, Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier. All lovely, but just not enough for me if that makes sense.


dontdisstheteens Wed 20-Oct-10 09:36:03

Primer makes a big difference - I use L'Oreal.

If face bad or need really good staying power I use a liquid foundation next. I flirt with different ones of these but often come back to clinique superfit.

Then mineral foundation with a yellow tone - Lili Lilo Popcorn works for me (others are OK but a little too matte, this one does not have a shimmer as such but seems less talcum powderish!). Lots but applied a little at a time!

Biggest difference though was using cream and muslin face cleansers. Liz Earle and Soap and Glory are both very good.

bananapeanutbutter Wed 20-Oct-10 10:59:10

What sort of rosacea? Do you have general redness or redness and spots? (just asking because I know that redness and spots are harder to cover). Do you use powder and/or concealer with your foundation?

In my experience, it is difficult to find a dewy finish foundation that stays put. I try to go for a satin or semi-matte finish to get the staying power but not the dryness issues (I am dry but no rosacea). A really good moisturiser underneath make-up and/or primer helps a lot. I know with rosacea it's important not to irritate with foundation as well. My mum has R and uses Clinique - HOWEVER I've always thought that it doesn't cover it particularly well.

bananapeanutbutter Wed 20-Oct-10 11:07:44

meant to say - what foundations have you tried in BB, chanel and laura mercier?

The BB stick with powder over it to help it stay has a lot of coverage and is not drying. Chanel mat lumiere is apparently v good as well for coverage and staying and good for dry skins. have never got along with LM either though.

manicmamma Wed 20-Oct-10 16:20:40

Know where you are coming from exhaustednurse. What a shame!
Lots of camouflage foundations on the market to cover redness due to rosacea
covermark-do trial size kit which would be ideal for you since you would only need a tiny bit for those areas, and match shade up with another foundation for rest of face and neck.
Clinique COMPLETE COVERAGE -covers well but still quite moist.

Agree use a good primer and good moisturiser- helps to keep it on.
good luck hope this make sense and is helpful.

Havingkittens Wed 20-Oct-10 21:08:28

La Roche Possay do a good cream for rosacea. Also, Dermalogica's gentle soothing booster and sheer redness relief are both good for soothing and calming the redness.

MAC's Face & Body foundation is very dewy and looks quite natural but it's actually buildable in its coverage so you can sort of pat it onto the skin in the areas you need more coverage after you have already applied it all over the face. Leave it to set for a minute or two between applications. This is the foundation I always recommend to people with eczema too as it is water based and doesn't stick to the dry skin like a lot of foundations do. If you have some time, go into a MAC shop (you can only buy it in the freestanding stores, not department stores) and get them to try it on you before you buy it so you can make sure it's right for you but I do really recommend it.

exhaustednurse Wed 20-Oct-10 21:17:50

Thank you all for your replies. Am Unable to answer all the questions, DS is refusing to get in his cot and stay put at the moment. Will reply properly tomorrow, but I did not want to not acknowledge scruples responses.

Panzee Wed 20-Oct-10 21:18:28

Clinique do a red face range. I get red cheeks and it covers it up well.

Ilovebagsandbruuuce Wed 20-Oct-10 22:05:51

I think i have the product you're looking for. Go to a Clinique counter and try out their 'Even Better' foundation.

Like you I suffer with rosacea, i have the little bumps and redness. I have found their rosacea skincare range (redness solutions??) aggrevated my skin but this foundation certainly hasnt, It has good coverage, not too matt, not too shiny and feels quite moisturising on my dry patches too. By far the best out of all i have tried and absolutely recommend you try it out.

I then use Benefit Boing! concealer over the really red bits (they describe it as industrial strength concealer and again, best concealer i have ever tried and stays put well - im dreading the day they discontinue it as nothing even comes close!)

Hope that helps

Ilovebagsandbruuuce Wed 20-Oct-10 22:08:44

Oh, meant to add, have you ask your doctor for a course of antibiotics? Im on a 3 month course of tetralysal and two months into it, have noticed a vast improvement, to the point where i have even left the house with no make on, on a good day. I have also tried IPL which is very good but at £80 a session quite expensive and i needed to go every 4 weeks. I couldnt do that on maternity leave!

exhaustednurse Thu 21-Oct-10 11:23:00

Ilovebagsandbruce - thanks for your reply, very helpful and detailed. I am going to try and get to a clinique counter and ask them to put that foundation on. Interestingly, I have heard lots of goods things about the Benefit concealer too.

Banana - I have the red and spotty type, trust me! It is very dry too. The spots tend to be lumps rather than proper spots and if I look very closely the pores are clogged too. (Don't I sound lovely!!!!) grin

HavingKittens - really like the sound of the Mac one and the idea is soes not stick to dryness, that seems to be a big problem. I put foundation on and although I am less red, it just seems to accent the dryness. Not sure which is worse.

The BB and LM ones I used before are the moisturising ones and the chanel is vitalumiere (?sp).

I'd love to have IPL too, but on mat leave at the moment so not really affordable. Also am so scared of the risks of making it worse. I have tried antibiotics many times for months and months, they make a very slight difference but I found the side effects just not worth it really for the little improvement I see.

Thank you all again for your help. Will report back on products!!

bananapeanutbutter Thu 21-Oct-10 11:50:58

exhausted nurse - just wanted to add, the MAC face and body is very very sheer (watery). I know it's buildable but in my experience takes a long time to build up to suitable coverage! I just didn't have time for it in the end(it does look lovely though if you have time to apply properly). But def go and try it out. I find MAC studio fluid fix has way more coverage but you have to put some sort of moisturiser/primer underneath.

I have dry skin and i agree the BB moisturising looked great to start but slides off very quickly. The vitalumiere ditto. So I can sympathise.

I want to try this Benefit Boing! concealer now!!

SummerRain Thu 21-Oct-10 12:10:23

La Roche Posay does a fantastic series of cleansers and mosturisers called Rosaliac which actually work. Even my mother who's extremely quick to criticise me has commented on how much better my skin looks lately.

Vitaluminiere foundation makes my skin look fabulous but i have to say it seems to aggravate my sensitive skin, i find i break out in spots the day after wearing it and it itches when it's on.

exhaustednurse Thu 21-Oct-10 17:27:57

SummerRain - I tried the La Roche stuff from boots a while back. I found the moisturiser too light for my rough old dry skin. Also, the cleanser was a milk and I find that I am redder using tissue-off cleansers, purely from the friction against my skin.

I do like the Nuxe range for moisturisers though, nice and thick. I did use Liz Earle many moons ago, really liked it and then when I became pregnant my skin seemed to react to it. Might be worth going back to the cleanse and polish though.

Right - very nice woman at the clique counter has given me 2 samples of 'Even Better' to try in two different shades.

Will report back accordingly!!

exhaustednurse Thu 21-Oct-10 17:28:35

I mean clinique. blush

SummerRain Thu 21-Oct-10 17:55:06

Are you sure it wa the Rosaliac XL Riche mosturiser? It's quite thick and creamy and has a green tinge to it?

I use the Rosaliac Micellar Make Up Remover Gel which is lovely and cooling and is almsot greasy in texture so the cotton wool glides around on your skin without rubbing. If i'm not wearing make up i use a perfecting toner from Roc which is very gentle on the skin as well.

Good luck with the clinique smile

exhaustednurse Sat 13-Nov-10 08:20:47

I just wanted to report back to those that kindly recommended some products and thought this might be of interest to any other rosacea sufferers.

The clinique foundation is superb - I was very lucky in that the woman at the counter gave me a sizeable sample which meant I could try it daily for a week or so. It is very good. My skin is still not perfect looking, but I think this is pretty close to it. No sticking, good coverage, but not too matte.

The other products that I have been using have also made a difference. I am back Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, which seems to be ok at the moment, no reactions and is helping with the dryness.

However, I have been given 05710+q10+b5+(cellular+revitalizer).thisexcellent sample in Space N. It's a serum that seems to have really calmed my skin.

It's £££ but if my skin stays as calm as it is, I will purchase.

Sorry that linking is rubbish.

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