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I need an alternative to Uggs for keeping my permanently-like-blocks-of-ice feet warm.

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RamblingRosa Tue 19-Oct-10 08:40:34

I've never been a huge fan of Uggs but have been thinking about getting a pair recently just because my feet get SO cold in the winter no matter how many pairs of thermal socks I pile on.

DP hates Uggs with a passion and since they're expensive and I'm not crazy about them either, I'm looking for something that's just as warm but not an Ugg IYSWIM.

I saw some nice Emu boots in non-Ugg styles but in the small print it said the sheepskin lining was just on the leg, not the foot area hmm.

Any ideas?

ThighsWideShitItsAGhost Tue 19-Oct-10 08:45:07

Rocket Dogs - Sugar Daddy style. Long wearing, warm (very warm) thick sole, comfy. And cheaper than uggs.

ThighsWideShitItsAGhost Tue 19-Oct-10 08:46:30

and the faux sheepskin is through the whole of the boot.

PlumSykes Tue 19-Oct-10 09:22:53

You can buy sheeskin insoles to put in normal shoes/boots. Might help? I'm a chilly mortal too, but have given in to Uggs, and boy are they toasty.

everythingiseverything Tue 19-Oct-10 10:11:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RamblingRosa Tue 19-Oct-10 10:16:31

I do have normal/bordering low blood pressure. My mum and dad both have poor circulation and get cold extremities. I'm also on the slim side and have bony feet (as does my mum) which probably doesn't help. In fact <hypochondriac emoticon> I think I have Raynaud's Syndrome.

The fact remains that I need something to keep my feet warm though grin

I'm not crazy about those Rocket Dogs but thanks.

I do have some sheepskin insoles PlumSykes and I have just bought some for DD too. They are good but I'm still lusting after the toastiness of having sheepskin all around my feet rather than just underneath. Maybe I have to resign myself to Uggs (or fake Uggs)....

HotchpotchHoney Tue 19-Oct-10 11:28:29

I gave in and got uggs this year, i do hate the with a passion but they are so warm.
\my mum reguarly goes to the states and this time she brought me back some black kensingtons which are totally not my thing at all, so i sold them on ebay and brought ugg roslyn instead and as they are zip fastened and ankle length they don;t look too bulkty under jeans or trousers. i got black ones in john lewis for £160, one of the things i can't stand about uggs is when people wear them with jeans tucked in or even worse tracksuit bottoms tucked in.
I watch my boys play football and rugby every weekend throughout the winter and last saturday my feet actually started to get too hot which is a first ever for me.

smilesandsun Tue 19-Oct-10 11:42:54

I also have the very very cold feet problem and I was also looking at the UGGS. Decided against them as they are so expensive and also not so many of them can be worn outdoors and live to still look good.

I found these boots yesterday The photo does not do them any justice whatsoever. You can wear them high or fold them down and they are waterproof. Also they are fairly cheap!! The fur goes all the way down and on the foot level too. Also it has a thick sole, so am hoping this will help fight off the cold too!

There is also an old chat on here where people came up with lots of options

peanutsmuggler Tue 19-Oct-10 12:24:39

Bearpaw boots are very similar to Uggs, T K Maxx have them for £40 at the moment.

Tootiredforgodtyping Tue 19-Oct-10 12:32:32

Those geox ones are fugly. I recommend real wool leg warmers worn under long boots - seems to make a difference to how warm my feet are. Also thermal or ski socks help.

FiveOrangePips Tue 19-Oct-10 13:02:49

Merrell boots?

FiveOrangePips Tue 19-Oct-10 13:52:34

These are not like Uggs, but also very good because they will be waterproof and warm, so you won't have to resort to wellies on the school run (if you have to hoof it in the rain much).

FiveOrangePips Tue 19-Oct-10 13:54:12

tempest snow boot sound really warm too.

MmeBodyInTheBasement Tue 19-Oct-10 13:58:40

I have these and they are fantastic.

MmeBodyInTheBasement Tue 19-Oct-10 14:00:23

Just tried the link, and have to add that I did not buy them in purple. I have them in a darker colour, perhaps not available in UK. this colour

nicolamumof3 Tue 19-Oct-10 14:09:00

i also have v.poor circulation and suffer cold hands feet. uggs and sheepskin mittens meant last year was my first every toasty winter. bliss. real uggs worth every penny.

olderandwider Tue 19-Oct-10 14:40:01

fit flops?

verytellytubby Tue 19-Oct-10 18:32:13

I've got Ugg's but I like these 692W/0/Women/Footwear/Filters/Womens/Oslo-Waterpro of

verytellytubby Tue 19-Oct-10 18:33:38

Want to book a Ski holiday just to get these wink 596W/49648/Women/Footwear/Filters/Womens/Tempest-H igh/Silver-Birch/J75190

wuzong Wed 20-Oct-10 09:23:16

I hope this Ugg Sunburst Tall Ugg boots may help you.

Pannacotta Wed 20-Oct-10 09:42:07

These look really sleek and warm, I saw another pair of Ecco boots which were wool lined /220553/51036/ o-productdetail

Pannacotta Wed 20-Oct-10 09:43:50

Here 5001/ detail

RamblingRosa Wed 20-Oct-10 15:42:15

Oh you're all so clever! thanks for that.

Yes peanutsmuggler it was the £40 Bearpaws in T K Maxx that got me thinking about this! That's probably what I'll buy if I do go down the Ugg route.

Those Ecco ones look quite nice (flat rather than wedge).

Or maybe I should just stick with sheepskin insoles and big woolly socks/legwarmers.

Thank you again!

RamblingRosa Thu 21-Oct-10 14:09:52

I gave in and bought a pair of Bearpaws (just like Uggs) for £39 in T K Maxx. I'm still not keen on the whole Ugg look but they are seriously toasty grin

RamblingRosa Thu 21-Oct-10 14:10:15

Oh, and I ordered some more sheepskin insoles for my other boots too

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