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lovely lingerie - retro -ish...corsets etc

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SoManyLovelyKnickers Mon 18-Oct-10 21:45:25

my super lovely boyfriend wants to buy me some super lovely lingerie for xmas, or at least has been dropping super massive hints smile

I tend to like nice retro-ish stuff so we went to what katie did at the weekend and I tried on the laurie corset also glamour corselette (hilarious moment when I tried on a corselette a size too small and pulled it over my head - ladies I thought I was going tpo breath my last there and then, in a small lingeroie boutique off the portobello road, in a very undignified position indeed blush)

oooh, I did like that corset - and so did he grin but I'm wondering would I ever get to wear it going out? I like wearing sexy undies in the boudoir but also wearing under an outfit going out, and feeling all sexy and alluring all evening) - would you need a very special style of dress to wear over the corset? it really does nip and tuck but also flares out a bit over hips, under my monsoon jersey dress it was very obvious there was something unusual going on around the hip and tummy area...

any other ideas from seasoned sexy lingerie wearers on something special to get - I only have a very few bits and bobs, this is relatively new (8 mths) bf and happily he is into nice lingerie too so hopefully my collection will

deathjeff Mon 18-Oct-10 21:51:19

Pencil skirts are your friend with lingerie underneath.
Also nipped in circle skirts. Anything with structure otherwise you look all bumfled up ifyswim

SoManyLovelyKnickers Mon 18-Oct-10 22:17:03

I don't think a pencil skirt would work with the corset- it sticks out a bit, but maybe a full skirted dress....hmmm....

pencil skirt with teh corselette would be good I think - I have big bum well upholstered derriere though - would that work?

deathjeff Tue 19-Oct-10 00:42:50

I have a fishtail pencil skirt that I wear with a corset... It oozes glam and is very demure. It's all about creating a silouhette, if you are wearing a hip hugging skirt and have your waist cinched in it improves your posture dramatically and gives you a wiggle when you walk.
A fuller skirt is better for everyday wear as it allows a bit more freedom. Finding the right singlets or cardigans to wear on top to hide any bulky lacing can be a challenge but it's par for the course.

everythingiseverything Tue 19-Oct-10 11:07:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Helenastar Tue 19-Oct-10 11:11:13


There are 2 new lingerie shops round Portobello Road,
One on westbourne park road near the Blue Door.
And another on lancaster road.
They may have different stuff to 'what Katie Did'

otherwise its pencil skirts all the way.

lucykate Tue 19-Oct-10 11:13:06

playful promises?

Butterbur Tue 19-Oct-10 11:30:11

There are loads of fifties style "prom" dresses around at the moment. Like [ dress/138917135,default,pd.html?cgid=0356 this one] which just cry out for a nipped in waist, and the full skirt would hide the bottom of the hips.

Butterbur Tue 19-Oct-10 11:30:46

Bugger. Link didn't work try this

Pandsbear Tue 19-Oct-10 14:14:28

I love What Katie did, though I'm not quite up to wearing their bullet bras! Have a couple of the shapewear pieces so laughed a lot (in sympathy sorry) at you being stuck in the corselette! Wear it under wrap dresses, 50's circle skirts. Have even been known to wear the waistcinchers with tailored trousers. Gives me some structure/shape as I'm small and not really curvy otherwise

SoManyLovelyKnickers Tue 19-Oct-10 16:04:17

oooh lovely - lots of interesting pointers here..thanks

everythingiseverything - just got totally lost in your pal's blog - it's gorgeous - she looks so fab! 24in waist???gulp! they measured me at 32in shock I'm a size 12-14 but 32 in sounds huge...apparantly my corset size is 26, which is probably massive too but at least sounds slightly littler!!! She mentions doing a review of corsets somewhere so I must go back and search for that (am at work now so really shouldn't!)

thanks for that helenastar - I will look out for them, I think we'll be going back to wkd well before xmas to try on some more :-)

lucykate - playful promises also looks great - thanks v much

butterbur - love the shape of that dress you linked to but suspect the end of the corset would still stick out...maybe I am wrong

PandSBear - god that was a terrible experience being stuck inside that garment. I honestly thought it was curtains as I couldn't bear to call out for help! when you say waist cincher - what sort of thing do you mean? the thing that is like a shorter version of a corset? I think they talk about a waspie on WKD

maybe you ladies will be able to help even more, as you seem to know your stuff so well

what do you think would really make the most of my figure? I'm rather pear shaped 36b ish on top (but quite bony) and the aforementioned ginormous waist and well upholstered derriere (that drives dbf wild thankfully smile) generally a size 12 on top and 12-14 below depending on cut. Long in body, not so long in leg. Any ideas?

btw - do you guys tend to wear retro a lot? I don't really (apart from one utterly beautiful 1950s original tafetta party frock whch sadly doesn't get out much) but I love a hint of it...and would wear more if I could probably

Pandsbear Tue 19-Oct-10 17:48:37

Oh yes I meant a waspie rather then a waist cincher. Think waspies are a bit longer-length. WKD have them in lots of the styles now and they have detachable suspenders so makes a neat line under clothes if you're not actually wearing suspenders!

BridesheadRegardless Tue 19-Oct-10 17:57:40

I LOVE What Katie Did.

I had the wiast cincher from there but it was no good for me as it produced too much of a bulge above and below IYKWIM.

Instead I got an esbelt which cinches the waist to give definition to the waist under clothes. You still get a corset look if not quite as sexy but easier to conceal under clothes. I think actual corsets can be very difficult to wear under clothes and are more bedroom wear imo.

I also tried thier bullet bras but I realy couldn't carry it off. I was so disapointed the peach satin was SO gorgeous and retro.

Rabbity Sat 03-Nov-12 22:03:57

I'm no lingerie expert but I bought some retro lingerie from they specialise in plus sizes but got me a size 14 specially - the red corselettes is amazing smile

mrscumberbatch Sat 03-Nov-12 22:28:07

If you want to wear corsets under your clothes without it being obvious you can buy ones that don't have the lacing bulges etc.

Obviously, you wouldn't lace it as tight as you don't want an inadvertant muffin top.

Waspies are difficult for everyday wear imho. The longer line reduces flexibility (obviously)

I find a short underbust best for wearing as underwear.

LulaPalooza Sun 04-Nov-12 13:41:34

Vintage ghost thread!

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