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Legging that aren't see through - any recommendations??

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AnyoneForPimms Tue 05-Oct-10 11:45:00

Just that really.

I have bought a couple of pairs from Next but they are a bit see through.

Can anyone recommend a great fitting pair thaty aren't see through??

Size 12/14 and 5 ft 5

Thanks smile

JiggeryPopery Tue 05-Oct-10 11:45:23

Buy a bigger size?

thelunar66 Tue 05-Oct-10 11:47:43

I buy a bigger size and sometimes wear two pairs at the same time.

aquavit Tue 05-Oct-10 11:53:18

I have just ordered these from american apparel

annoyingly I can't tell you if any good yet because they have still not arrived

but they look as though they should be good!

bigTillyMint Tue 05-Oct-10 12:12:15

I have Next ones and I have to wear black opaque tights under them. Rubbish!

I did buy a size larger, but then I had to take them in round the waist grin

Millie1 Tue 05-Oct-10 12:20:37

I've just ordered from Whistles, White Co & Boden - will update when they arrive. Have tried French Connection & Phase 8 - too thin. Actually, Phase 8 not too bad, quite thick but maybe not enough elasticine - worried they'd bag.

Aquavit - can you please let us know what they're like when they arrive! smile

aquavit Tue 05-Oct-10 13:15:25

I will do if they ever turn up (angry because supposedly dispatched a week ago)


dingdong3 Tue 05-Oct-10 13:27:55

Watching with interest smile

I bought the Peacocks ones after a recent thread - see here
They have a button and jean pockets but are made of a thick enough material that you can't see through them. Only come in black though and I'd love some non-see through ones in charcoal and brown.

Rassy Tue 05-Oct-10 14:18:52

I have these black denim leggings from Next and they are pretty thick - ch&n=women&pid=479-107&returnurl=%2fshop%2fgattgen der%2dwomen%2dcat%2dleggings%2dcat%2dtreggings%2d0 %3fx%3d1%26nxti%3d0%26nxtv%3d0%23479%2d107&bct=%26 quot%3bShop%20By%20Product%26quot%3b%26nbsp%3b%26g t%3b%26nbsp%3bWomen%26nbsp%3b%26gt%3b%26nbsp%3bLeg gings

I also have them in blue denim but I got those from the store and can't see them online. What I like especially is that they have 'seams' so it obvious they are not tights!

HonestyBox Tue 05-Oct-10 15:10:28

The leggings from American Apparel are really good - here

herbietea Tue 05-Oct-10 15:21:37

Message withdrawn

FunkyMonkey1983 Tue 05-Oct-10 15:27:51

H&M do thick leggings which aren't see through. They don't have as much stretch to them but I really recommend them.

pushmepullyou Tue 05-Oct-10 15:33:16

Oasis are good and pretty opaque

hatcam Tue 05-Oct-10 17:48:05

I have an obsession with leggings that aren't see through. Sometimes if you get a bigger size they're just baggy on the knee which looks hideous I think

I have tried American Apparel which are ok, but look best with tights underneath and Whistles which are better but not perfect.

Tried hideously expensive ones (was a present) from my-wardrobe, by Splendid and were completely rubbish, my bum just glowed white through them immediately. Sent them back as thought moonie bum wasn't a good look.

Am thinking of trying the Topshop ponte leggings next.

nottooromanticfool Tue 05-Oct-10 18:00:33

dorothy perkins

smugtandemfeeder Tue 05-Oct-10 18:21:02

Isabella Oliver from there 365 collection. Quite expensive but very very worth it, they will last for years and are made of thick but very comfortable and lovely and long.

celticlassie Tue 05-Oct-10 19:37:48

I like my topshop ones an don't think they're too see through. But I'm small so they maybe aren't as stretchy on me as on others.

Panzee Tue 05-Oct-10 19:38:49

I have M&S ones that aren't see through.

AnyoneForPimms Wed 06-Oct-10 08:14:27

Seems I'm not the only one with a problem.

Thanks everyone.

Feel a shopping trip coming on!! wink

misdee Wed 06-Oct-10 08:16:13

i dont know what size they start at, but the ones i've got from Evans are really thick. very impressed

littledolly Wed 06-Oct-10 08:24:53

I'm not sure if they have been mentioned on here or not, but I love the 'suck you in' leggings from Primark. I think they might be called Control leggings. I bought 2 pairs at Christmas and love them, and a friend was telling me she bought them recently so need to pop in and buy some more.

They are good and thick and because of the 'control' element they don't go saggy round the knees or bum, as well as giving your legs a lovely shape. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for them, but maybe £6?? They have washed really well too - can't recommend them highly enough!

dexter73 Wed 06-Oct-10 08:36:16

I am going to check out those Primark ones today!

tulpe Wed 06-Oct-10 09:24:43

Boden leggings are great for thickness (not quite so great on length).

aquavit Fri 08-Oct-10 13:22:06

oh oh, my american apparel leggings FINALLY arrived today!

The regular ones are very nice, quite opaque and good and long.

The winter leggings are BRILLIANT - very thick, completely opaque therefore, but nicely fitted. They are even longer hurrah.

Millie1 Thu 14-Oct-10 16:29:32

Update on White Company and Whistles leggings ...

White Company - I think they'd go baggy around the knees (might be wrong) and pretty thin. Not that warm and certainly don't hold a tummy in at all grin

Whistles - thicker but not much stretch in them. Oh, and for me anyway, not high enough on the waist.

Might try to get the Primark leggings in a couple of weeks rather than spend more on postage!

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