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Talk to me about earrings

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IUsedToBeFab Tue 28-Sep-10 16:36:03

I can't wear cheap earrings for long before my ears get sore. I bought some very expensive earrings and my ears were sore within 24 hours. Anyone else have problems with earrings or can explain the weirdness that is my ears?

sapphireblue Tue 28-Sep-10 17:20:11

what were the very expensive earring made of? I can only wear gold in my ears as anything else causes a reaction.........

IUsedToBeFab Tue 28-Sep-10 18:41:48

They are platinum.

said Tue 28-Sep-10 19:38:39

I thought it was an allergy to nickel that caused this. I'm the same. Was the bit that went in your ear just platinum plated? I had some silver plated and the plating bit (?) has started to come away on one so can't wear them any more. It's very very annoying not being able to wear cheap earrings

IUsedToBeFab Tue 28-Sep-10 19:44:53

No, it was pure platinum. I have just been looking for something else but there isn't anything I like or if I do I can't wear it. I can't wear white gold either.

MaryDownton Fri 23-Nov-12 14:09:36

Try buying earrings made from titanium or surgical stainless steel. I used to have this problem but have solved it and can wear earrings again. Try

mrscumberbatch Fri 23-Nov-12 17:03:07

I was going to recommend titanium/surgical steel as well.

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