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Laser treatment for stretch marks - reporting back!

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Whoamireally Sat 25-Sep-10 19:14:08

Can't find my original thread on this but I did promise to report back for those who were interested!

Had my first treatment today for backs of arms - felt like being pricked with quite a large pin, would say just tolerable. Probably quite a sensitive area anyway! Apparently they can put local anaesthetic cream on but I wasn't offered any!

Left feeling slightly sore afterwards - like moderate sunburn. 8 hours later, soreness has gone but my skin is very red - it looks sunburnt.

The nurse said it could stay like this for a few days, and that red was good as it meant the skin was trying to heal, and that I might not notice any difference until after the 3rd session.

Got another 2-3 sessions to go....

zulinka Sat 25-Sep-10 23:35:28

yes , do report back as I,m very sceptical- but would really love to be proved wrong.
On your original thread did you mention which area they are in, also their colour, and the length of time you have had them ?

JeMeSouviens Sat 25-Sep-10 23:38:25

oooh marking my spot, would be interested in your results, pregnancy 2 has wrecked my belly.

zulinka Sat 25-Sep-10 23:41:34

Whoops, just reread your message and you do mention the area in question- your's very late !

TheCrackFox Sat 25-Sep-10 23:49:31

Interesting. Please keep us updated. smile

Whoamireally Sun 26-Sep-10 13:46:57

Yes it's the backs of my arms (apparently they get a lot of people through for arms as it's quite an 'obvious' area). I can't for example wear strapless or sleeveless things. They are really deep and pitted and white being very very old ones (I'm 35 and have had them since I yo yo dieted in my early 20's).

Apparently the average improvement after 3 sessions is 60%, but you have to remember that it's all subjective hmm. Anyway since the alternative for arms is surgery thought it was worth a shot.

Arms not sore any more but stretch marks look red, like 'new' ones would before they heal.

Off now to find bolero/ shrug thing for black tie dinner next weekend to cover up gammy arms wink

chipping Thu 06-Oct-11 13:03:44

Oh how exciting!!!

I had my first session a couple of weeks ago - on my tummy!

It was very red & uncomfortable at first, I applied aloe vera gel to cool it down, the first day or 2. It looked like a lot of tiny red pinprick dots.

The treated skin is still darker that my usual skin colour, stretch marks still there (as expected - it's a long process). I've arranged to have 4 sessions in total, session 2 is in a couple of weeks.

I am actually (sadly) excited by the whole thing grin AND I am keeping it a secret from DH!

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