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Ha ha. I got a cape. I ike it

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BadgersArse Fri 24-Sep-10 16:16:52

Tbh there's not much btwn it and the poncho from a few years ago. It's from the most terrible next!!

ValiumSingleton Fri 24-Sep-10 16:17:46


I don't think they're the craziest fashion item by a long way. They've been around for a few years now so I've got my eye in.

fryalot Fri 24-Sep-10 16:19:18

um... you're not wearing your knickers on top of your clothes as well are you?

BadgersArse Fri 24-Sep-10 16:30:25

It's £40 and black. I love it

CMOTdibbler Fri 24-Sep-10 16:37:56

I got the hooded military one from ASOS, and am loving it. But I do have my arm in a sling, so is v practical for me

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