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Hair removal.........THAT WORKS!!!

(11 Posts)
Suzyinwonderland Wed 22-Sep-10 18:29:51

Ladies, I have finally found it! I purchased the Philips Lumea around 3 months ago and although it started off slow, with very little difference showing, i'm now almost hair free!!! Obviously only in the places I want to be hair free.grin

It's pricey and you do have to keep using every 2-4 weeks, but I really do think it's worth it.

I would definitely reccommend it to anyone with stuborn, dark hair, which is a pain in the ass to get rid of. It's not suitable for everyone though.

Anyway, just thought i'd let anyone know, who wants to know. Feel free to ask any questions.

lilly153 Thu 23-Sep-10 14:29:53

did u feel any pain from it i just bought the remington i light but every time i use it its like a pin contantly pricking my skin and thats on the lowest setting also does this one have a red light that flashes once you press the button in?

CheeryCherry Thu 23-Sep-10 14:32:50

Why is it not suitable for everyone? And does it hurt??

CheeryCherry Thu 23-Sep-10 14:38:59

Ah just read a bit about it, not suitable for facial hair which is my biggest problem. Never mind! Glad you happy OP!

lilly153 Thu 23-Sep-10 14:42:31

cheerycheery if its for facial hair the boots ipl works on facial hair i beleave its the only one u can use on ur face

Suzyinwonderland Thu 23-Sep-10 15:01:38

Yeah, it's a shame about not being able to use in above your neck. You do feel a little pin prick, but it really is very little. After the 3rd time you use it, you really don't notice it anymore. It does smart a little under your arms so you need to turn the level down one.

lilly153 Thu 23-Sep-10 16:45:35

does yours have a flasing red light when i switch mines on to do a large area for example legs i hold the button down and this big red flash appears and of course thats the signal to let you know u can move it to a different spot but everytime this flashes i honestly get such a fright i lift the thing of my leg do you just get use to this

Suzyinwonderland Fri 24-Sep-10 09:24:06

Lilly-when I first got mine, I used it at night and I thought i'd blinded myself.shock I thought I was never going to get used to it. Since then I only ever use it in the daytime, ie natural light. You really don't notice it as much then. Have to admit though, I do wonder why you don't have to wear protective glasses.hmm When you have it done at the salon, i'm sure you have to wear these enormous red ones.

Have you had any luck yet with yours?

lilly153 Sat 25-Sep-10 16:15:34

no i bought it a gd few weeks ago now but its just that big flash keeps puttin me off so i take it out the box try it once n just put it away again, im a total wimp but my sons dad should be takin him tomoz so fingers crossed he does n i will just need to get a grip n try using it for longer than 5 seconds lol

iwilldothis Sat 25-Sep-10 19:07:50

i just googled this, because as I read the thread I thought hmmm this might be for me..... but £387 on amazon??????? shock No way.

ehailey Wed 05-Jan-11 08:12:10

Unfortunately, there's no guarantee it'd work for everyone. Otherwise it's a good product.
CherryCherry, if you have problems with facial hair removal, shoot me a pm.

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