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Colour me beautiful vs House of Colour

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anyone had experience of both? recommendations?
anyone work for either?

It seems to be £90 for 90 mins 1-1 with CMB
or 5ish hours of 4-1 for £90 with HoC.



RipMacWinkle Thu 16-Sep-10 15:13:41

Apologies in advance because I've only done CMB and not both.

I just wanted to say that before I went I definitely would have thought 1-1 was miles better. However, after going with 3 complete strangers I actually thought that was better. Although I couldn't always quite see it myself when I was told what my "wow" colours were, the others said they did. And I could totally see the difference on the others there when their best colours were identified. As they were strangers it was quite therapeutic in a way and also, none of us had preconceptions about what we would normally wear.

Ok I'm waffling now but I hope you see what I mean.

To be honest, local recommendations to you are probably what you really need for either CMB or HOC.

tattycoram Thu 16-Sep-10 15:30:24

Ask for a local recommendation
If you are in London, then go to Morag in High Street Kensington oung.htm

A friend recommended her to me and she was fab. There were supposed to be two of us but the other woman didn't turn up, so I had a one to one consultation, but I would have quite liked to see someone else do it for the reasons RipMacWinkle said

Rip - I thought CMB only did 1-1 as I can't see anything else on their website.

tatty - I'm in Farnham so not London catchment area and don't know anyone who has had them done locally, hence MN next best thing

RipMacWinkle Thu 16-Sep-10 21:02:16

Och!! Am so sorry. Can I plead baby brain?! (DD is 10 months blush)

I meant of course that I've only done HOC!

Go for it, DS is 2 and I still use that excuse (but then I am 8 months preg as well!)

Dorothyredboots Fri 17-Sep-10 09:40:49

I have done both!
CMB years ago.
HoC earlier this year.
Result the same (Spring)
I think HoC are better. I liked the group thing - it was fun; even though I went with complete strangers we had a laugh and it is good to see the 'transformation' on others. Even though I was wearing most of my colours when I went to HOC I felt that I learned more about which were best and how the colour palette should work together. I also liked to see the other seasons' colours and how they differed from mine - I find that helpful when shopping - i.e. what NOT to buy. You don't get that on a one to one - but if you see someone elses colours you can really 'get' how the different palettes work. And it helps when I'm shopping with my friends or DH (Summers and a Winter. I felt the HoC consultant was more enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive. But obviously this depends on the individual concerned. I have been back for the Image Day too which was fantastic: I went with someone I met on the colour day. I have sent several friends along and also DH. All delighted with outcome.
Having said all that it is a long time since I did CMB and it has probably changed. From previous threads on here most Mumsnetters seem happy with HoC. I also like their make up and it is a good price - if you buy what the consultant says it will suit you - although it takes a bit of getting used to the lipsticks as they are very strong pigments grin.
I'll shut up now.

Thanks for that Dorothy very useful it seems people think the group aspect is a good thing.

MagicFest Fri 17-Sep-10 10:33:25

Wow - no contest in my book. House of Colour every time. The group thing is one of the great features, but there is something in the training that House of Colour consultants get which means they can communicate more effectively to us. When I went to CMB they seemed to decide what I was then show me the colours - there is no doubt in my mind that they did it wrong because 5 years later when I went to HOC I got a different result; one which I could both see and relate to, i.e. I felt comfortable in these colours. HOC seemed to use a much more thorough system, based on science rather than personal opinion to identify my season, I guess the group thing gave me confidence as well, how much can you learn in 90 minutes vs a few hours?

CMB gave me a plastic wallet of colour swatches which I had no idea how to use, HOC gave me a leather wallet and taught me how to use it when I'm shopping on my own.

2 members of my family followed my same path - wrong at CMB different and obviously right with HOC. Don't know where you are located, but they have a page to help you find your local consultant and it looks like they're updating their website finally, it changed this week.

You're right Dorothyredboots, the lipsticks do take getting used to, but I now find them better than anything on the highstreet including expensive brands because they stay on longer.

Good luck!

tattycoram Fri 17-Sep-10 10:35:55

yy re lipsticks. I also bought a foundation, which is finally the right colour for my skin (ie pinky and not yellow toned) THe make up is really reasonable too, I think the foundation was about £14 or so

Thanks for all your input, have booked appointment with HoC on Friday am very excited! Don't wear lipstick (makes my lips itch!) but if they have a tinted moisteriser would be snapping it up!

RipMacWinkle Mon 20-Sep-10 08:47:10

Excellent, I'm sure you won't regret it Libra.

Come back and let us know how you get on and what colours you get advised?

Have fun!

Hi Rip, had the session this morning, really enjoyed it despite ending up being the only one! Apparently I am a quite rare dark blue autumn which means no black or white but a GORGEOUS chocolate brown and olive/mossy greens which I like anyway, unfort like most people my wardrobe is a large % of black!

I think I need to time to adjust to the lipsticks as what she used I could see worked but were just not me IYSWIM. Deffo thinking about the tinted moisteriser as it just blended in, with just that and blusher I looked a million times better.

Only thing that slightly put me off is she was dressed slightly old fashioned in slightly tatty clothes, quite 80sish so whilst I felt comfortable with her doing my colours I am not sure i would want her to do a image consultantion if that makes sense?

Would deffo recommend HoC.

RipMacWinkle Fri 24-Sep-10 17:23:01

How stalkerish funny, I'd just came on here to leave a message to ask how you'd got on and you beat me to it!

Am glad you enjoyed it but it's quite funny you ended up on your own! I was the same as you with the black thing (I'm a Spring) but can honestly say hand-on-heart that I rarely wear it at all now as I know how draining it is. It's very refreshing walking past all the black tops knowing they'll do nothing for me.

Difficult one re the Style issue. I've not been brave enough to go for that myself. Am a little in the same situ in that, although the lady I saw wasn't old fashioned, she really, really didn't dress in the way that I do at all. Very wacky.

Perhaps Dorothy or some of the others can advise?

Again, so pleased you bit the bullet and thanks for coming back to let us know.

I've just thought of another slight criticism, the fabrics in the wallet I was given are all shiny whereas for day to day dressing most people would go for matte colours and therefore a matt fabric colour would actually be more useful.

Dorothyredboots Sun 26-Sep-10 15:36:54

Hi Rip
With ref to the image day I do know what you mean. I would not dream of dressing like my consultant does. She is about 15 years older than me and a different clothing personality, so we are obviously not going to dress in a similar way. However my consultant does dress very well according to her personality and age. I think you have to remember that H of C is more about style than fashion and if you are interested only in being fashionable then it probably isn't for you. If however you want to express your personality in the clothes you wear then it is money well spent. I am 54 and so being fashionable is not paramount to me. Since I had my image done I feel I express myself better through my clothes - I am Gamine and need a neat, fun, young look which (along with my bright Spring colours) I totally enjoy wearing. I do not look my age and I do not feel middle aged and invisible when I walk down the street. Some of the things my consultant suggested I rejected as 'too silly' e.g. wearing a fabric belt from a mac as a scarf! I took a cardigan which she loved but I never wear it even though she says it is 'right' in every respect. Like many training things you need to take stuff from it that works for you. With H of C the colour and image work together and I felt the image explained a lot about the clothes I choose to wear. A good consultant should help you be your best - not impose her ideas and image on you. They obviously pick up on what you wear and how you behave and then use the questionnaire to determine your type. It comes down to how good the consultant is really - some will be better at their job than others. I just tell mine when she gets too daft. I think that a lot of the consultants are classic personalities and dress that way but I do think they should not be wearing 'tatty' clothes - no way! I think they try to demonstrate the colout theory in practice and as we know it is not always easy to find something other than black grin.
Libra - Have a think about using a lip gloss or a shimmer which will tone down the strength of the lippy. I think they use the shiny fabrics as they give a depth to the swathches which is not there in matt.
Hope this helps.

WhatsWrongWithYou Sun 26-Sep-10 21:27:35

I agree with what Dorothy said re the style consultation.

The first woman I saw was much older than me (about to retire, in fact), but was stylishly and smartly dressed.

I'm pleased with the analysis she gave me (I'm a Classic Ingenue, apparently). It did take me a long time to come to terms with it, however, and in retrospect I don't think she explained it as well as she could. On the day, she took myself and the other lady through our nearby branch of House of Fraser, pointing things out which fell into our 'personality'. Trouble was, this was pre-overhaul for our branch, so we were looking at Planet, Kaliko etc - might have been clearer had she taken us to a younger shop, or got some current Vogues out.

I recently saw an independent consultant for an update, and because I'd lost most of the weight I was carrying when I saw the first lady. She started at HoC but now gives a more up-to-date and personalised service, which was absolutely fantastic. Took me shopping, was like a normal Trinny and Susannah really.

My wardrobe is by no means overhauled (can't afford to do this in one fell swoop), but I feel much more current in my style of dressing, as well as keeping true to my 'type.' Reading this back, I sound obsessed, but it's more a case of not having a great deal of money to spend and not wanting to make so many mistakes. It does take longer to shop now, though smile.

ColourfulClare Mon 27-Sep-10 13:56:10

As one of Colour Me Beautifuls original consultants, I have read with interest this particular thread!

I would be grateful to share my feedback. I trained with CMB before House of Colour existed and will not choose to negate what they do.

However, CMB certainly offer group sessions, this has always been a mainstay of my business! I live in a rural location and my ladies often choose the individual time for themselves. There are pros and cons of being the only one - you have more time and personalised service (you can sometimes get one person trying to hog the limelight!) Being part of a group enables you to see the complementary effect on others.

Although the website stipulates 90 minutes, my sessions for an individual are always a minimum of 2 hours with a full make-up being part of the session. I spend a lot of time explaining how to use the swatches and all the variances, dependent on fabric, personality etc. I am always available to my clients for ongoing advice (no charge!)and over the years have guided them through the changes that they have experienced with age.

Being a very personal service I make every effort to understand and engage my clients opinions and feelings. After many years, I can establish immediately which colours suit my clients, but I always spend a lot of time demonstrating anyway, as they will be the one shopping and living with their colours!

Whichever company you choose - enjoy and remember that we are there to answer your queries!!

slinkyboo Mon 27-Sep-10 20:25:25

Hi Clare...I'm interested in 'getting my colours' done but have not, as yet, made an appt. Is there a way of doing it online, by matching your colouring to pictures maybe? (I'm honey-ish blonde, pale with slight peachy complexion and hazel eyes by the way!)


WhatsWrongWithYou Mon 27-Sep-10 21:51:56

Don't think Clare's here to help you do it yourself smile.

You sound as if you have a 'warm' complexion, which should make you a Spring or Autumn in the HoC method.

Not sure if there is any way of doing this online, but I've heard people mention books on Amazon - might be worth a look?

WhatsWrongWithYou Mon 27-Sep-10 21:53:36

Found this.

WhatsWrongWithYou Mon 27-Sep-10 21:58:08

This might be useful.

slinkyboo Mon 27-Sep-10 22:42:08

Thanks WWWW!! I am very confused though...I seem to be a mix of Spring, Summer and Autumn confused

My natural hair colour is mousey...but I'm highlighted in shades of honey...(not strawberry blonde). I'm pale but have sort of peaches and cream tones in my skin. No freckles. Eyes are hazel but have been described as amber, golden brown etc. Black eyelashes and eyebrows!!

Spring colours appeal to me (pastels)...

WhatsWrongWithYou Tue 28-Sep-10 07:28:37

Looks like Amazon have a new CMB book - might be worth a look.

GreatGooglyMoogly Tue 28-Sep-10 09:09:17

Oooh, I'm having this done on Thursday (with HoC, on my own, at home). Will report back!

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