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H&M online

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BerryLellow Thu 09-Sep-10 22:27:10

I placed my first order this evening - has anyone else taken the plunge?

PaulineCampbellJones Thu 09-Sep-10 22:32:20

Ooh must have a look. It's one of those shops that other people seem to get great bargains in, but I can never find anything Zara on line is brilliant too.

QueeferSutherland Thu 09-Sep-10 22:33:02

Ooh is it up already? I thought it was the 19th.

BerryLellow Thu 09-Sep-10 22:35:25

It's the 16th, but if you sign up to their email thing you get to go on today. It's not a bad site actually, I thought the Zara one was shite

FiveOrangePips Thu 09-Sep-10 23:09:49

It is fab, I love it, going to buy so much, but I am going shopping tomorrow, so I want to wait until I have been shopping, it is going to be great, I am so glad they are going online.

Honeydragon Thu 09-Sep-10 23:11:27

How much is delivery?

Then I can weigh up cost of bus fayre vs laziness grin

BerryLellow Fri 10-Sep-10 07:53:52

£3.90, although delivery is somewhat vague (within 7 days)

Honeydragon Fri 10-Sep-10 08:55:20

TY it's £5 return to my nearest H&M so will stick to instant gratification smile

granarybeck Fri 10-Sep-10 22:07:11

Are the Zara womens' sizes v small fitting? Wasn't sure whether to order regular size.

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