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Best long lasting lingering perfume....

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AT1137 Wed 25-Aug-10 11:48:54

Please help me! I have been searching and searching for a perfume which lasts and lingers and doesn't just fade away after it has been sprayed.

Are there any good ones out there which are renowned for this? I'm open to all types of fragrance, spicy, floral etc., just want one which lasts!

Thank you!

FerminaUrbinoDaza Wed 25-Aug-10 11:51:44

Which strength are you buying? That's the key, take a peek here.

Fluffypoms Wed 25-Aug-10 11:58:23

two i use are
DKNY woman

angel is chocolate/vanilla smell
dkny is fruity/citrus.

both i only spray a little and last all day

otchayaniye Wed 25-Aug-10 11:58:50

Chypres and orientals with woods/heady flowers such as gardenia and tuberose seads, such as tonka have deep sillage (perfumer term for longlastingness). Citus based colognes and soliflores (unless jasmine based) tend to fade quickly.

My favourites are: Caron Tabac Blond, Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque, Sisheido Feminite du Bois and Ormonde Jayne Woman

Alibobster Wed 25-Aug-10 13:51:18

Chloe & Dune are both strong and long lasting

janemadison Sat 16-May-15 20:06:52

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MarniRose Sun 17-May-15 10:47:27

Diptique perfumes last and last

LeoandBoosmum Sun 17-May-15 16:06:43

Dear but J'adore L'Or Essence de Parfum.


ALittleLemonTwist Sun 17-May-15 17:02:55

Ultra violet by paco rabanne is very long lasting. Have been using it on and off for about 15 years and get many compliments when I wear it.

BadgersArse Sun 17-May-15 17:08:19

tom ford black orchid

mrssmith79 Sun 17-May-15 17:15:31

Another vote for Black Orchid.
Prada Amber, the dreaded Opium and, oddly, Britney Spears Fantasy all last ages on me too.

AnyFucker Sun 17-May-15 17:21:47

Hermes perfumes are all long lasting

ipadmad Sun 17-May-15 18:11:00

I couldn't get rid of the smell of Hypnotic Poison when I tried that. Lots of people love it but it wasn't for me.

I have Fracas which I adore and that is a long lasting heady scent

ipadmad Sun 17-May-15 18:12:14

Shiseido Feminite du Bois was one of my favourites too but has changed in the new formula

Judydreamsofhorses Sun 17-May-15 18:21:54

I have matching body lotions for some of my perfumes and find layering the products really helps with staying power. I think Serge Lutens and Miller Harris scents both have good longevity.

WindMeUpAndLetMeGo Sun 17-May-15 18:23:33

I wear Jean Paul Gailtier and it lasts all day

WindMeUpAndLetMeGo Sun 17-May-15 18:24:23

Sorry Gaultier. I have the original along with summer editions

southeastastra Sun 17-May-15 18:25:17

was going to say black orchid. it lingers for ever. also opium

Allgunsblazing Sun 17-May-15 18:25:34


MissBattleaxe Sun 17-May-15 18:28:44

Andy Tauer- two squirts of any of his EDPs and you're done for the day. Estee Lauder has pretty good longevity depending on which one you're using- Youth Dew and Cinnabar will give me about ten hours. Aromatics Elixir will also last all day and IMO it gets better the longer its been on.

Chloe by Chloe lasted about eight hours on me, as does Chanel Cristalle and Issey Miyake A Scent.

To make a scent last longer, spray your hair and clothes. I also avoid squirting my wrists because I wash my hands so often that it comes off, so I add scent to my forearms, front of neck and nape of neck.

Naughtypony Sun 17-May-15 18:30:04

Chanel no.5

BadgersArse Sun 17-May-15 19:10:26

Jlo glow too. Oddly.

Couldashouldawoulda Sun 17-May-15 21:03:25

Estée Lauder's Youth Dew. The bath oil used as a perfume. Lasts forever!

FrugalFashionista Sun 17-May-15 21:16:41

You already got all the correct answers. Chanel, Tauer are some of the best and Montales are insanely long-lasting.

Orientals are generally the longest-wearing family, heavy molecules. Citrus perfumes and natural/organic perfumes tend to be the most fleeting.

Iso E Super can be very tenacious too, Molecule 01 is a 24-48 hour commitment for me.

Strengths are not very useful in gauging duration, colognes tend to be fleeting but in many cases my EDPs outlast the extrait de parfum formulation of the same perfume.

BadgersArse Sun 17-May-15 21:29:45

alright Beaker grin

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