Thomas Sabo/Pandora/Troll Bracelet

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CupcakesHay Sun 22-Aug-10 15:09:02


I'm hoping to get a bracelet as a anniversary pressie - and looking at all three. Does anyone have any? Cna anyone recommend? I was drawn to pandora bracelt - and thought i could get a 1 bead and then add more for bdays, etyc. Does it look odd with only one bead on it?

Is thomas Sabo worth the cost???

Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated

Meglet Sun 22-Aug-10 15:17:56

I was looking at the Thomas Sabo ones too, but couldn't decide if they were a bit naff?

My stepmum has a troll bead bracelet, she's nearly filled it up in 12 months.

NW20 Sun 22-Aug-10 15:39:54

I have a Thomas Sabo black onyx bead one and also a Links of London Sweetie bracelet which I alternate various charms on. I used to love it but they seem to have become a bit common now which has put me off.
I think the Pandora braelets are going the same way, however I do prefer them to the troll bead ones, which I think look quite frumpy to be honest, (no offence intended to anyone that has one, they just aren't my taste).
Also I think what's nice about the Pandora bracelets is the charms/beads are all sort of themed so you people can buy you ones that actually mean something personally (what I used to like about my Links bracelet)

ValiumSingleton Sun 22-Aug-10 15:41:44

They are so over.

Don't do it.

Earlybird Sun 22-Aug-10 15:43:47

I must be hopelessly out of touch, as have never heard of any of these.

Off to google.........wink

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 22-Aug-10 15:56:27

I love my trollbeads... I have no idea if they are fashionable or not, but the glass beads are so beautiful.

CupcakesHay Sun 22-Aug-10 16:29:31

I'm not worried about being fashionable per se.... just want a nice bracelet - and I was thinking that it would be nice to add a new bead/charm to the bracelet with special occassion presents...

I quite like the look of this one:

but can't decide if I could add charms to it or would I just maybe add a couple on the clasp???

TeamEdward Sun 22-Aug-10 16:32:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

teameric Sun 22-Aug-10 16:41:29

I have a pandora bracelet and only have 4 charms on it at the moment, I know they are popular and every shop seems to be to cheap rip offs of them, but I really like mine.

clayre Sun 22-Aug-10 16:44:17

I have a Thomas Sabo rose quartz charm braclet that has 3 charms on it and i love it, i hope to get more charms and change the charms about or get another bracelet to put them all on.

starsareshining Sun 22-Aug-10 18:01:06

I posted something about my pandora bracelet the other day. I'd never heard of them 'til my partner's mom bought me one. I didn't know that people wore them with less beads on. Mine has ten on at the moment and I've never considered taking any off. Hmmm.

Anyway, the real reason I'm posting is that the clasp has broken and I've only worn it about three times. Nothing fell off, it wasn't dropped, it just stopped closing. I don't know whether this is a common problem but I'm really annoyed about it.

purplearmadillo Sun 22-Aug-10 18:05:04

I have a troll bracelet. I liked it best because it has a better choice of glass beads, which are my favourites. I also don't care if they are popular. I kind of preferred the pandora bracelet but trollbeads don't fit onto it, whereas I do have some pandora beads on my bracelet. So if you like both, troll bracelet is more versatile.

LimaCharlie Sun 22-Aug-10 20:04:50

I've got a pandora that I love - only got a few charms and was eyeing up my friends lovelinks charms and wondering if they would fit on as the charms are cheaper?

I know that they're seen as a bit common on MN but we obviously live in the back of beyond as not many people have them and they are just starting to get popular so I reckon I'm ok for a while grin

5StoneDown Mon 23-Aug-10 18:16:16

I've got the brown leather double wrap pandora.

I love it, nobody else seems to have it up north.

Lulumaam Mon 23-Aug-10 18:18:03

I have a sweetie bracelet, have been eyeing up the pandora leather bracelet. i've got 3 charms on my sweetie bracelet, i've had it 2 years so not doing too great with it !

EasterEggHuntIsOver Mon 23-Aug-10 18:23:42

Forget Pandora, Trollbeads or Thomas Sabo, you need to get a charm bracelet from Swarovski. They have some lovely, reasonably priced charms, that feel more substantial to Thomas Sabo.


TwistAndShout Mon 23-Aug-10 18:28:35

I have two Thomas Sabo ones. The black one is particularly lovely.

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