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How many pairs of shoes do you have?

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HLaurens Fri 20-Aug-10 13:23:09

I have 21 pairs (shoes and boots) and I've just bought two more. I'm feeling guilty about how many pairs I have - though they all get worn.

moondog Fri 20-Aug-10 14:54:28

About 16.
All get worn.If not, I give them to someone else.

BunnyLebowski Fri 20-Aug-10 14:55:47

Probably about 15 including flipflops/slippers etc.

I don't have the perceived woman shoe/handbag gene.

HLaurens Fri 20-Aug-10 15:00:33

So I'm not feeling that guilty - I don't seem to be too far ahead of the average! I don't think I can justify buying any more now without ebaying some first though.

AbsOfCroissant Fri 20-Aug-10 15:02:40

Where? At work or at home, or both combined?

Will be back in a bit <<gets out giant calculator>>

sweetheart Fri 20-Aug-10 15:03:29

blush I have way more than anyone posted here - time for a clear out perhaps me thinks!

AbsOfCroissant Fri 20-Aug-10 15:04:21

Actually, not so bad. I forgot I'd cleared out a whole bunch. I have 17 pairs

clarabella23 Fri 20-Aug-10 19:22:34

At last count around 40. Thats just going out shoes & boots- I don't include flats/flipflops, etc. They're not pretty enough!

sarah293 Fri 20-Aug-10 19:25:05

Message withdrawn

Maryqueenofchocs Fri 20-Aug-10 19:26:34

I could tell you but then I would have to swear everyone on mumsnet to secrecy..too much admin imo..

and fgs don't ask the same question relating to handbags.....I may have to run for the hills.shock

missnevermind Fri 20-Aug-10 19:26:36

I am with Clarabella. You lot dont seem so have evough shoes................

sarah293 Fri 20-Aug-10 19:28:26

Message withdrawn

monkeyfacegrace Fri 20-Aug-10 19:29:46

Last count 76 heels, 8 trainers, and various ballet pumps/flip flops.
I work in fashion grin

Maryqueenofchocs Fri 20-Aug-10 19:30:55

riven oooooh walking boots, very in season if they've a stonkin' to look purchase a pair...grin

BelleDameSansMerci Fri 20-Aug-10 19:31:31

Probably around 120 pairs of shoes and about 15 pairs of boots. I'm not remotely ashamed of this. It's my hobby...

Many are unworn, still in their boxes just waiting for the opportunity. grin

sarah293 Fri 20-Aug-10 19:36:07

Message withdrawn

Maryqueenofchocs Fri 20-Aug-10 19:41:29

Even dressed up going for dinner....brave.grin. I imagined you in these...

hiking shoe boot

clarabella23 Fri 20-Aug-10 19:41:48

Same here Belle. It doesn't matter if they don't get worn, they are loved just the same....

sarah293 Fri 20-Aug-10 19:42:42

Message withdrawn

HecateQueenOfWitches Fri 20-Aug-10 19:47:42


a pair of black boots
a pair of brown boots
a pair of black shoes
a pair of brown sandals
a pair of trainers

and I think that's it.

oh, a pair of slippers. grin

I've only got one handbag atm too.

2 coats.

I'm really not a 'proper' laydee at all grin

TheDoodler Fri 20-Aug-10 19:50:05

Good grief - how do any of you get to wear them all???

I have <counts> 6 pairs - one pair of trainers, tow sandals (one smart, one casual) and three pairs of Dr Martens.

Why do you even need that many? confused

LynetteScavo Fri 20-Aug-10 19:51:33

I have no idea....but I've just got rid of 3 pairs, so less than I did have.

Some where between 15-20 at a guess.

KurriKurri Fri 20-Aug-10 19:53:05

Black ankle boots
brown desert style boots
posh sandals
everyday comfy sandal/shoes

No slippers atm - I was sick on them last week, and they had to be disposed ofblush

herbietea Fri 20-Aug-10 19:58:09

Message withdrawn

HLaurens Fri 20-Aug-10 20:15:02

My tally includes everything but slippers and a pair of Havaianas that are covered in paint from decorating.

I sometimes change shoes half way through the day if weather has changed/it takes my fancy.

I have all the basics in my shoe wardrobe i.e. black boots, brown boots, comfy sandals and flats, but I now find myself increasing my collection with interesting colours (red, purple, green) and things like wedges. I think I've got all the essentials covered now, though!

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