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What colour Nail varnish are we wearing?!

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MilkNoSugarPlease Thu 19-Aug-10 12:47:31

Getting fed up of black or navy blue!....Currently have clear on my nails, which I quite like1 But a bit of colour wouldnt go amiss!


rubyrubyruby Thu 19-Aug-10 12:51:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sweetheart Thu 19-Aug-10 12:52:02

I am wearing an orangey / pink one at the moment called Topical Island by 17. It's very summery and I really like it - took a bit of getting used to though.

NomDePlume Thu 19-Aug-10 13:04:21

I don't wear it on my fingers but my toes are currently sporting a neutral tawny nude shade

QueuePosition3 Thu 19-Aug-10 13:04:38

arse cheese colour


rubyrubyruby Thu 19-Aug-10 13:07:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aquavit Thu 19-Aug-10 13:07:42

still wearing rouge noir

<you can pry it out of my cold dead beautifully manicured hands>

actually is only on my toes at present

numptysmummy Thu 19-Aug-10 13:11:02

Have been wearing apple green on my toes AND fingers but have just put navy back on my fingers as it is piddling down here and green seemed to summery. Wasn't sure on the green at first but got loads of compliments on it!

Glitterknickaz Thu 19-Aug-10 14:07:38

OPI Jade is the New Black

chocolatefroggie Thu 19-Aug-10 14:15:25

minx gold toenails, and multi coloured-ish nails and hands, we are currently fingerpainting grin

noddyholder Fri 20-Aug-10 08:13:44

Rouge noir or nothing just buffed

Tootiredforgodtyping Fri 20-Aug-10 09:34:39

a dark silverylilac colour.

Bonsoir Fri 20-Aug-10 09:36:16

Chanel Particuliere on my toenails.

DrNortherner Fri 20-Aug-10 09:43:55

I have a matt pastel pink on my finger nails and pastel lime green on my toes. Just had a week in Spain and it looks nice with a tan!

TheFallenMadonna Fri 20-Aug-10 09:45:28

A sort of grey/purple on my toes. Sound yuck I know, but looks rather nice I think.

mermaidspurse Fri 20-Aug-10 10:30:35

limeade looks fab in the rain.

NotFromConcentrate Mon 23-Aug-10 15:35:45

I am addicted to Canel Paradoxal just now. I waited for a hundred years (which in reality probably translates to around 2 months grin) to get my hands (Ha! See what I did there?) on it and it is scrumptious grin

DastardlyandSmugly Mon 23-Aug-10 15:43:35

My two faves at the moment are OPI Bogata Blackberry and Essie Bermuda.

Want some of the OPI Alice in Wonderland nail polish though.

ebojones Mon 23-Aug-10 15:47:00

Rouge noir - ALWAYS - on toes smile
Nails INC on fingers - its clear but with a pink hue which looks nice.
I am V boring - always stick with these grin
If you want to be oh so fashionable - nails should be short and painted nude / neutral colours...

lilac21 Mon 23-Aug-10 15:47:44

Dark purple - one of the Rimmel 60 second ones.

Before that it was a cherry one from Avon, which stayed shiny and unchipped for two weeks, but looked like I had dipped my toes in blood.

FallingWithStyle Mon 23-Aug-10 15:51:39

Rouge noir on toes and (cant remember the make and model) a lovely translucent peachy pink on fingers. Makes my hands look dead healthy.

PYT Mon 23-Aug-10 16:18:32

Very deep coral on toes. Has been my favourite colour two summers in a row. Will change to a cherry/purplish pink colour for my next pedi. Always natural on my fingernails.

MrsC2010 Mon 23-Aug-10 16:27:11

Corally red on toes, Nailtiques protein polish stuff on fingers. (This stuff is a miracle for anyone who has struggled to grow their nails.) Also Sally Hansen Miracle Shine to finish, this stuff sets and finishes a 'manicure/pedicure' amazingly. I pretty much always wear this colour or bright pink on my toes in summer, normally Rouge Noir in winter.

TracyK Mon 23-Aug-10 16:39:13

Mavala Las Vegas on fingernails

LillianGish Mon 23-Aug-10 16:47:17

Am addicted to Barry M shades (so cheap, such a huge variety) and have been alternating mint green and turquoise with the occasional coral if I want to be a bit more classical. Apparently nude is the latest look so have invested in Revlon grey suede which contrary to its name is a very pure beige - feeling quite converted as it goes with everything and doesn't show the chips.

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