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Bridesmaid dress is a crumpled mess!!

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tesrocks Thu 19-Aug-10 11:50:23

Hello, Quick question - I tried on the below dress last night 7EWomen%7EDresses

I am matron of honor this Saturday. My friend gave me this dress months ago and I hung it carefully in the cupboard........but my DSs have since thrown stuff in the bottom of the cupboard and the bottom is all creased. Hvae no idea if I can iron / steam. Any advice would be v appreciated. Cheers.

AbsOfCroissant Thu 19-Aug-10 11:54:48

Steaming it. So, either you could put it in the bathroom while showering, or else hang it up and go over it (not touching the dress, but just near it) with your iron, making it produce steam and that should help. Then ban DC from going near it

tesrocks Thu 19-Aug-10 11:55:28

Will this work now....


tesrocks Thu 19-Aug-10 11:57:55

I did have a v long hot shower last night with dress hanging joy. I will try the iron steam idea and let you know.

Haven't been matron of honor B4.should I buy her a present? Getting v excited now only tried my dress on as I has lost 7lbs through diet and 30 day shred (on level 2 day 4)

tulpe Thu 19-Aug-10 11:58:37

Agree with AbsofCroissant. However, you could always try taking to your local dry cleaners and seeing if they can help. IMO this would be the safest option

SoupDragon Thu 19-Aug-10 12:04:25

or, phone your local debenhams and explain. they may be able to steam it for you.
Ive certainly seen a steamer in Monsoon so shops do have them for sorting out crumpled display items.

tesrocks Thu 19-Aug-10 12:09:30

I have to pick up DH suit from dry cleaners tomorrow so will take it and show it to them. I am hopeless as I have been practising walking in shoes (same sort of material) and have got splash marks on them from dishwasher!

Honestly I am the child that my mum said would fall over a pin if there was one on the floor! blush

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