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Has anyone else had the crazy SURVEY email from BODEN?

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purplepeony Mon 16-Aug-10 17:42:21

It began "We are doing a survey for Spring 2011 ( and we want your views.

Got all excited and thought it might be a chance to tell them about the crap clothes..
the 2 questions were:
1. have you done anything fun or crazy with your old catlogue
2. If Johnnie was an agony aunt, what question would you like to ask him?

I ask YOU!


tethersend Mon 16-Aug-10 17:44:10

Ask him why he makes such shit clothes and tell them you rolled the catalogue up and used it as a sex aid.

Or perhaps that's not what they meant?

SoupDragon Mon 16-Aug-10 17:46:27

1. i ripped out the pages and used them as toilet paper. unfortunately, du to the shitty patterns on most of the clothes, I could not tell if I'd wiped sufficiently.

purplepeony Mon 16-Aug-10 17:56:36


muddleduck Mon 16-Aug-10 17:58:48

I just filled this in...

"Go back to basics and improve the design of your clothes. All this marketing nonsense is frankly annoying"


purplepeony Mon 16-Aug-10 18:14:02

I said it was a ridiculous waste of time and why wasn't the survey about clothes.

SparkyMalarky Mon 16-Aug-10 18:18:00

Oh I've just got the email - opened it on my phone and thought I'd do it properly on the pc later - shan't bother if that's all they're asking!

SoupDragon Mon 16-Aug-10 18:26:31

no no, you are duty bound to fill it in now!

ValiumSingleton Mon 16-Aug-10 18:30:36

oh that's really stupid isn't it!?

no eh 'difficult' questions then, like "why don't you do a shorter length trouser?"

ValiumSingleton Mon 16-Aug-10 18:32:06

The marketing is really annoying. the whole quintessentially English rose with three children, a range rover and an aga thing, (modelled by a danish girl of 19 called Mette)

QueuePosition3 Mon 16-Aug-10 18:38:21

they are checking which email addys are still looked at i recky

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