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Help... WTF do I wear with this dress?

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Piffle Fri 13-Aug-10 12:33:25

here It is the strapless one in the pic

I don't know what to do
I need a cropped cardi or bolero ish type thing over the top and shoes
Waht colours?
I've tried the usual suspects and aside from finding a fab pair of bright red shoes at Toast I then struggle with a cardi type thing

Oh I'm getting married in it to so want to look halfway decent

cornsilk1010 Fri 13-Aug-10 12:40:04

wow that's gorgeous! Can we see the shoes - can you link?

LynetteScavo Fri 13-Aug-10 12:40:57

Oh Fabulous!


What a brilliant dress!!!

I think you need the same colour cardi as the shoes. A cropped cashmere one, I think.

Do you have a link to the shoes

LynetteScavo Fri 13-Aug-10 12:41:36

Great minds think alike, Cornsilk. grin

cornsilk1010 Fri 13-Aug-10 12:41:47

I think the same as Lynette. Red shoes and cardi maybe?

cornsilk1010 Fri 13-Aug-10 12:41:59


cornsilk1010 Fri 13-Aug-10 12:45:42

here here

Piffle Fri 13-Aug-10 12:47:58

shoes here the red ones obv
that cardi looks nigh on perfect

LynetteScavo Fri 13-Aug-10 12:48:30

I'm not sure

Piffle Fri 13-Aug-10 12:48:36

I'm open to other shoes and cardi combos mind
It might be hard to get a perfect match

cornsilk1010 Fri 13-Aug-10 12:56:27

struggling to find cardis that aren't grey/black

Piffle Fri 13-Aug-10 12:58:12

I've tried brora, boden, toast, ebay....


Piffle Fri 13-Aug-10 12:58:52

I did wonder about boden winter white cashmere crop cardi and the red shoes...

mazzystartled Fri 13-Aug-10 15:49:03

gorgeous, all of it
i think that puffedy sleeved cardi would be the business

TheDevilWearsPrimark Fri 13-Aug-10 15:52:47

Ah curses.

Why did you have to link to get cutie, I am in love with that site!

Great dress, red shoes sounds good. I'd go for a crop sleeved black cardie, fairly short, one button

TheDevilWearsPrimark Fri 13-Aug-10 16:03:29

OOoooooh just noticed you are getting married in it. Congratulations

Do you need a cardigan? i'd just shiver personally

wahwahwah Fri 13-Aug-10 16:09:56

Oh I love this site!

LynetteScavo Fri 13-Aug-10 18:31:43

When are you getting married?

I would stay away from black (I don't like colour and black) but I think you should have the same colour shoes and cardi. Either red or purple.

Piffle Fri 13-Aug-10 18:43:25

30/8 it's inside mostly
but I went to best mates 40th that date last yearand it was firkin freezing
hence planning for a cardi
I will get shoes
then take them shopping I think
Am chuffed at all round approval
I am usually style averse

TheDevilWearsPrimark Fri 13-Aug-10 18:45:42

It is a truly fab dress, very original, you will look amazing!

Now what are you doing withyour hair?

Oh and may I say seamed stockkings would look fabulous.

Piffle Fri 13-Aug-10 19:35:22

Hair is short ish kind of layered bob, choc brown

I am on all other days bar this
A Tom Boy

nikki1978 Fri 13-Aug-10 19:37:30

Yes red definitely for shoes and cardi!

Lovely dress, very original

lou33 Fri 13-Aug-10 19:41:15

you will look lovely

that phase eight madison bolero looks perfect

Piffle Fri 13-Aug-10 19:45:13

Am off to Meadowhall tomorrow so will check out things there, they have a phase 8 shop too iirc...

FoghornLeghorn Fri 13-Aug-10 19:46:37

Wow - lovely dress Piffle and congrats on the wedding

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