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sheer cover - ok with eczema skin?

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mousymouse Thu 05-Aug-10 09:15:46

soo, I was up with dd very early and have seen the sheer cover adverts when zapping through the channels.
I am going back to work soon and usually use a tinted moisturiser on my face to hide dark circles around the eyes to enhance my looks. but if my eczema flares up I cannot use it until it has cleared.
anyone has experience with that?

purplepeony Thu 05-Aug-10 09:31:36

On a different tack- have you seen a dermo about your skin? I used to have very bad facial eczema and could only use a Clinique foundation. My eczema cleared with Chinese herbs.
My son has very severe eczema and uses Protopic- a cream- from the dermo. You can use it on your face and it will not cause thinning of the skin like steroids. Your GP cannot prescribe it but you neeed a referral to a dermo.

On the odd occasion when I do get a tiny patch of facial eczema it clears it in a day or so.

mousymouse Thu 05-Aug-10 09:40:59

yes have seen a dermatologist. eczema flares up when I am bady stressed and/or eat too much sour fruits.
usually skin is ok, use weleda products (almond range and skin food), but it still flares up about once a year. then I really look shit and feel shit and cannot use anything to cover it up. usually lasts a few days.

purplepeony Thu 05-Aug-10 10:06:00

Is it not worth you asking for Protopic or Elidol ( sp) to use during those flares?

MrsC2010 Thu 05-Aug-10 10:09:13

I can also recommend getting a Dermalogica skin analysis done, I've always had nasty eczema flare ups and Dermalogica has been the only rband I can rely on. The change was almost miraculous. When I started using it I used the whole range (cleanse, tone moisturise etc) but now the most important bit for me is just the moisturiser.

Sorry, not what you were asking but it might help you regulate it! I know how hideous it can feel, mine flared up recently due to pregnancy hormones I think and it is upsetting.

redinthehead Thu 05-Aug-10 21:16:39

I used to get bad eczema on face,found dermalogica moisturiser best one, have tried other products but always ends up aggrevating eczema so go back to dermalogica. I use bobby brown tinted moisuriser balm now and again if i feel i need a bit of cover on my face, doesnt cause me any problems. I always find that those concealers like touche eclat that are light reflecting cause a massive flare up in me.

Sympathise with you as having eczema on my face makes me feel miserable and self conscious.

lilly153 Thu 05-Aug-10 22:21:47

i too got up one morning and saw the adverts for sheer cover but honestly once i got it its like everything else you see on thouse shopping channels useless
it doesnt work any where near as good as it does on the tv i honestly think it was a waste of money and dnt ever use it except for the eyshadow brush from it.

mousymouse Thu 05-Aug-10 22:30:44

thank you ladies, you have saved me some money...
I have a cortisol cream in case of a flare up, but don*t use it when my skin is good.
so for now I will stick with what I do anyway and hope that I will not get a flare up soon. not being able to cover it up makes it double shit.
I will look into dermatologica, did not hear about that before.

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