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One dress, two occasions - help needed please!

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deemented Tue 03-Aug-10 21:06:22

So, i have recently bought this dress - bargain, reduced from £60 to £15.

I'm not really a dress kind of girl, but i have two occasions to go to and i thought it would be nice to dress up for a change.

The first occasion is an evening do of a wedding, so it will just be the manshape and i, and the second is a christening - the day after the wedding - so children will be coming as well.

Luckily it involves two different sets of friends so i can get away with wearing the same dress for the both of them.

What to wear it with though? Any advice? How can i dress it up?

Thanks in advance.

deemented Tue 03-Aug-10 21:49:25


deemented Wed 04-Aug-10 07:48:02

Anyone? Even if it's just to tell me i have shite taste in dresses....

CheapHawaiian Wed 04-Aug-10 07:56:48

Are you wearing it with leggings like the picture?

For the wedding, wear some heels and maybe a black fascinator.

For the christening, maybe ballet pumps and some chunky bangles.

I think you should use make-up to make your looks different. Glam for the evening, more fresh-faced the next day.

Or ignore me, don't know what I'm doing in S&B, but have been up for hours and am nearly hysterical with tiredness.

deemented Wed 04-Aug-10 07:59:23

I don't know - are leggings a good look?

Have. Not. Got. A. Clue.

Can you tell?

CheapHawaiian Wed 04-Aug-10 08:38:26

Don't know if they are a 'good look', but the are very comfortable. I suppose it depends how much you like your legs.grin

thehairybabysmum Wed 04-Aug-10 08:44:09

Personally, i think leggings would be too casual for either occaision, better for dressing it down day to day wear.

Wedding, i would go with heels and glitzier jewellry vs waht cheaphawaian says for christening.

ViveLaFrak Wed 04-Aug-10 08:54:31

Do you have a jacket that you could pop it for the wedding and add some jewellery, maybe a big red/pink flower in your hair and some heels? Needs a bit of colour for the wedding IMO.

For the christening cardi and ballet pumps.

Just make sure you have a backup for the christening in case someone spills red wine down it at the wedding!

ViveLaFrak Wed 04-Aug-10 08:55:25

Pop over it

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