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Help me find this bag please!

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BurningBuntingFlipFlop Tue 03-Aug-10 15:34:39

I want a cross body bag, but i big one. A bit boho. I'm trying to find a link of something similar..i've think i've seen kate moss or gisele recently with one.

Any ideas?

sweetheart Tue 03-Aug-10 15:49:12


BurningBuntingFlipFlop Tue 03-Aug-10 15:53:01

thanks, but needs to be bigger.

Esmee Tue 03-Aug-10 16:04:15


BurningBuntingFlipFlop Tue 03-Aug-10 16:07:00

needs to be more slouchy.. am i annoyi8ng you yet?

netbook Tue 03-Aug-10 16:11:49

Fabric or leather? price?

youngblowfish Tue 03-Aug-10 16:14:02

how about this?

BurningBuntingFlipFlop Tue 03-Aug-10 16:15:38

don't mind really, just need to find the style.. it's for hols next week so don't want to spend too much £50-£100? I'm trying to find the pic of the one i saw a couple of weeks ago but no joy..

rubyrubyruby Tue 03-Aug-10 16:18:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scurryfunge Tue 03-Aug-10 16:19:04

this big?

netbook Tue 03-Aug-10 16:23:33

That's nice scurry, why do I never find bags like that in shops?

scurryfunge Tue 03-Aug-10 16:26:13

I know -reckon that one could be mega bucks though.

netbook Tue 03-Aug-10 16:26:41

is this big enough?

dune bag that's over budget, but it has a long strap so you can wear it across the body or over the shoulder. I have one it's v big

bamboostalks Tue 03-Aug-10 16:29:28

I really like that one youngblowish. Thanks. I want to buy one that will be big enough for changing stuff for new baby but do not want a proper baby changing bag this time round iykwim. That may be too small though to fit in changing mat, skip hop one. Will keep watching this. Am desperate, went to look today and nothing. Bought one from topshop but was too big, was massive.

bamboostalks Tue 03-Aug-10 16:31:56

Love that Dune one. Would like a long cross shoulder bag though.

netbook Tue 03-Aug-10 16:37:28

Bamboo, it has a log strap as well as the shorter shoulder straps, here's a better picture when you wear it across the body the straps just hold in front.

scurryfunge Tue 03-Aug-10 16:40:11


bamboostalks Tue 03-Aug-10 16:49:09

Very tempted by that Dune one. Worried it may be too formal though. Would it look silly hanging off the bugaboo bee?

scurryfunge Tue 03-Aug-10 16:52:15

It wouldn't look silly but I would worry it would not be durable.

bamboostalks Tue 03-Aug-10 17:05:40

Yes, you're right, they get very scuffed when you use them every day and they get bashed on the buggy.

Would material be better?

Sorry for hijak flipflop!

wubblybubbly Tue 03-Aug-10 17:08:41

Kenneth Cole Grey slouch bag Not sure if big enough and it's £199!

New Look Not as nice but looks big and just £30.

New Look again just a tenner! But are you into the tapestry look?

More New Look confused, leather, £55.

Top Shop Not sure if it's big enough again? £95. Nice though.

Top Shop again Good size I think, but not leather, still it's only £36.

Any good?

bamboostalks Tue 03-Aug-10 17:21:38

Thanks wubblybubbly.

Love, love that Kenneth Cole one but 199! Eek!

Am sooo tempted though, it's just what I wanted.

teameric Tue 03-Aug-10 19:45:44

is it this one?

teameric Tue 03-Aug-10 19:50:53

better pic here

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