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Gerard Darel? Tara Jarmon?

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ApplesandBananas Mon 02-Aug-10 22:54:19

Just been bought a new handbag from this brand, was bought in France I think. Does anyone know anything about it? Or Tara Jarmon? Seen a coat I liked, and again, don't know much about her.

Amandoh Mon 02-Aug-10 23:33:14

Are you trying to find out where you can buy these makes from in the UK? I know John Lewis on Oxford Street stocks Gerard Darel as I rather liked a navy blue flowy shirt. It was about £100.00 which was way too expensive for something I thought would be good for comfy elegant slumming around the house.

There ends my knowledge of GD. Expensive and JL sells it.

Just Googled Tara Jarmon and she's in John Lewis too.

Hope this helps. smile

HonestyBox Mon 02-Aug-10 23:40:58

I bought a fantastic sun dress from TJ and a silk top from GD about 4 years ago - bought in France and both still going strong. They now sell both labels in my local House of Fraser but it seems much more expensive than I remember confused.

magnummum Tue 03-Aug-10 07:55:51

I bought a gorgeous TJ summer coat from House of Fraser about 8 years ago and though it was quite expensive have worn it loads. (first wedding I wore it to a Dutch friend was wearing a TJ suit and said she had quite a bit of her stuff bought in Holland so I think it's a brand that's been around mainland Europe for a while). Haven't seen much of her stuff for a while but maybe that's because I'm less in the market for it these days. For what it's worth every time I've worn the coat someone has stopped me and commented on it (in a good way smile

magnummum Tue 03-Aug-10 08:01:01

Have just looked it up on John Lewis' website - def. much more expensive than it used to be!

squeaver Tue 03-Aug-10 08:15:59

I have a lovely TJ coat, but also from Paris, which has garnered many compliments over the years. Wears really well.

Aitch Tue 03-Aug-10 08:28:12

i got a green funnel-neck gd coat in paris ten years ago and still wear it to considerable acclaim.

hattymattie Tue 03-Aug-10 16:31:36

I live in France - GD is very expensive French chainstore. Tara J is designer wear gorgeous and pricey. I think her clothes are younger and more edgey than GD. I think I heard she is Canadian but we've had her in France a while now. If you're visiting Paris there's a branch on the Champs Elysee or in Galarie Lafayette!

Isabela1 Thu 09-Jun-16 09:33:07

I wouldn't buy from Tara Jarmon due to a recent bad experience with them. I bought an expensive navy coat which started going all bobbly and horrid after wearing it just 3 times. I went back to the shop after one month. It took four months for them to get back to me with no resolution as they claimed that I washed the coat in the washing machine( crazy). As if someone would do that to an expensive coat! They're based in France so it's impossible to communicate with them. I feel like I wasted nearly £300 on a coat made with faulty material that I'll never wear again.

W8woman Thu 09-Jun-16 16:02:48

Did you buy the coat on a credit card? Phone your provider and ask to open a section 75 dispute. They will deal with the merchant for you, and both times I've needed it, my credit card has refunded in full.

polyhymnia Thu 09-Jun-16 16:23:29

A friend buys from GD. Classic, not cheap, stylish but not edgy. She says they wear v well. There's at least one ship in London - in King's Rd I think.

polyhymnia Thu 09-Jun-16 16:23:37


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