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US children's shoe sizes?

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tethersend Sun 01-Aug-10 11:10:02

I have seen some boots on a US site that I want for DD who is 20mo and currently size 4 1/2... However, she has only just started walking so I don't want to put her in boots too soon.

I want these boots to fit her at some point in the autumn/winter and have no idea how fast children's feet grow or to convert US sizes to UK ones- help!

moragbellingham Sun 01-Aug-10 14:42:58

I have been told that US sizes are equivalent to the next size down in the UK.
Therefore a UK 4.5 would be a US 5.5
I made this mistake in GAP as they have US sizing for UK shoes - very handy indeed!!

SatinandTat Sun 01-Aug-10 16:18:48

Boden to the rescue. Then just click on measurements and there is a conversion table. Hope this helps.

letsblowthistacostand Sun 01-Aug-10 18:25:03

Growth rate of children's feet very unpredictable. I wouldn't buy anything for a child that age that I hadn't seen on her feet as the sizing might run big/small or wide/narrow so might not fit at all ever.

Wellies or crocs would probably be ok to order but anything else I'd want to try first.

ArthurPewty Sun 01-Aug-10 18:39:52

Message withdrawn

tethersend Sun 01-Aug-10 22:11:53

Thanks smile

Good old Boden, eh?

So... I'm going to gamble and get her a 6 1/2 US size which should be a 5 1/2- 6 UK. Which will probably fit her in the autumn?

Or do you think I should get a bigger size? She'll grow into them eventually, right?

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