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Why wont my hair grow?Any suggestions?

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Suzanne001 Wed 28-Jul-10 17:01:37

I used to have hair down to pretty much my bum but the other day I realised I very rarely have a trim and it's a good 6 inches shorter. I do blow dry and sometimes straighten but always use heat protective sprays etc. I heard about having as small as a cm cut off the ends every two weeks to make it grow.

Does anyone else have any experiences or tips?


Neeko Wed 28-Jul-10 18:01:19

Try Wella energy shampoo. My hairdresser recommended it when I felt my hair was thinning after DD1 was born and it made my hair grow quickly.

Suzanne001 Thu 29-Jul-10 09:24:16

Thanks Neeko. That's brilliant. Will give that a go. Do you know if it's ok for frizzy/curly hair, ie does it calm it down.

Also, I've started using dry shampoo cos sometimes i literally just don't have the time to wash it. Has anyone heard that that could stop your hair growing, cos that makes sense to me. Maybe clogging the folicles?

Sorry to go on.


thislittlesisterlola Thu 29-Jul-10 09:53:25

I have the same problem op. Neeko where can you buy this shampoo? Boots etc?

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