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what to wear and what handbag!

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chocolatefroggie Tue 13-Jul-10 11:21:06

help after much looking at nursery's we have finally found a lovely one that is perfect for DD smile Great, end of child related worry, start of my own nightmare - nursery is attached to very smart prep school and being 25 and having gotten pregnant straight after uni I am in desperate need of a smart mummy wardrobe makeover - WITHOUT looking like a WAG!
also do I ebay my beautiful but impractical footwear collection to fund mulberry bayswater or is there a cheaper but lovely alternative?
sorry too many Q's grin

Maryqueenofchocs Tue 13-Jul-10 12:11:45

Tbh just be yourself...

I'd save yourself the money on a bayswater handbag and pick something which is unique and no one else has got....thats just me thoughsmile Plus why would you give up footwear collection!!

I adore this site for bags, i've bought a few from them and the leather is gorgeous, not as expensive as a Bayswater plus I get loads of comments whenever I wear them..


Clothes wise, keep it simple & chic, tea dresses / crops / jeans & shirts..

What is your normal style??

chocolatefroggie Tue 13-Jul-10 12:39:35

tbh my normal style is all over the place I find dressing up alot easier than casual so stick to jeans and vneck sweaters w/pearls. But I find that sometimes I look rather like my glamourous but nearly 70 MIL grin

Maryqueenofchocs Tue 13-Jul-10 13:03:32

Sounds to me like you are a pretty classic dresser already..

Try bright red patent pumps, or leapard pumps to lift your normal outfit. Accessorize with a scarf around your neck..



chocolatefroggie Tue 13-Jul-10 19:22:02

ooh love the pumps, should have mentioned that I NEVER wear flats except flip flops, I even wore wedges throughout pregnancy, hmm but I am trying now to get to grips with them and those are a rather nice example smile

I am really just worrying about it because I can IFYSWIM I'm always the youngest mum at these things and thus always feel rather intimidated confused but don't want to over compensate or look like i'm trying to hard blush

Maryqueenofchocs Tue 13-Jul-10 20:08:15

honestly, just be yourself, most of them will be jealous at your age and not give a hoot what you are wearing!!

HalfTermHero Tue 13-Jul-10 20:22:43

I would get the bayswater. Utterly classic and it will lend you panache in spades. An impressive bag will raise your style game effortlessly.

without Tue 13-Jul-10 21:14:07

How about trying shoes from Beyond Skin - they are ethical and few people seem to know about them. They have a sale on too

Maryqueenofchocs Thu 15-Jul-10 11:09:06

without those are expensive shoes for PU? Have you bought some, is the quality good?

traceybath Thu 15-Jul-10 19:31:57

Ditch the pearls unless you are wearing them in an ironic way - too aging for you!

I have the east/west bayswater in dark brown and love it - goes with everything pretty much.

Jeans are fine though - I do live in mine from topshop through to j brands. Nice jacket/cool scarf/good boots and you'll look tres chic smile

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