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Anyone starting FT uni want to set up a support thread?!

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crabbiepattie Wed 14-Aug-13 12:19:26

Im starting a full time BSc DT with QTS in a few weeks time. Leaving my three gorgeous children in childcare after being a sahm for 4 years. It a mix of grinconfusedshock��������

WhatWouldGibbsDo Wed 14-Aug-13 20:14:46

Ooh, yes please! I'm starting a full time BA in English in less than 4 weeks, I'm definitely a mixture of excited and terrified grin
Just have the one DD, she's 6 so I should be able to get away with after school clubs most of the time. What's a BSc DT? Should I already know what that is? grin

coldwater1 Thu 15-Aug-13 09:51:58

I'm starting a Social Work degree in September, as well as trying to work around it, looking after 8 kids and due a baby in December. I'm sure i'll manage though. smile

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Thu 15-Aug-13 09:55:30

Oh, me!

I'm starting my full time degree in education, specialising in SEN.

I'm going to be working as well. Clearly I'm mental. grinDD2 will be going to nursery and spending time with GPs.

I've been a TA for five years so I'm hoping I'll have good experience to put towards it.

Haven't studied in over ten years though, so am a bit nervous!

Everyone all sorted with student finance?

ChunkyFicken Thu 15-Aug-13 14:34:39

I'm starting a BA in English and History.

Wow, Coldwater1 - take my hat off to you!

Can't say I'm excited or terrified at the mo. Am sure that will kick in soon though...

iloveweetos Thu 15-Aug-13 14:37:36

Hi! Im not starting a degree but completed one FT with DD 5 last year!
Best thing i ever did. Work hard and spend as much time as possible with DCs.

Exam time - try to have them baby sat as much as possible! (You wont be able to spend anytime with them at this point)

Give it your all....Good luck!

Goldendandelion Thu 15-Aug-13 19:36:45

I'm starting a BEd in primary education. I'm excited and terrified!

celticclan Thu 15-Aug-13 19:58:03

So Coldwater you have 8 kids, are expecting your 9th and about to start a degree!

I couldn't even manage getting my 2 children to the supermarket today without it ending in tears. hmm

How do you do it?

coldwater1 Fri 16-Aug-13 06:58:54

lol I'm known as the crazy one. Any time it gets hard i look at my kids and think 'I'm doing this for you'. I know i can do it, i spent 7 months on a Midwifery degree and then came to realise i was on the wrong degree, withdrew, studied an OU module for recent study and re-applied for Social Work and got in. I even got in an essay just days after having my last baby. lol

I have had my student finance sorted since May, it was nice to get that out of the way so early on. I have just completed my pre-enrolment for uni online! So excited but nervous too!

WhatWouldGibbsDo Fri 16-Aug-13 14:19:29

Wow Coldwater, just wow! I finally got the evidence in for my student finance last week, so fingers crossed confused Also been told I have to bring in exam certificates and photo id to enroll - I have neither <panics>
Is it supposed to be this stressful before I've even started?!

Madsometimes Sat 17-Aug-13 08:00:32

I'm starting optometry after being a SAHM for 13 years. I'm very nervous about uni, and have to pay fees up front because I'm an ELQ student.

alice93 Sat 17-Aug-13 10:53:35

I'm not starting at FT course, but going into my second year of full time BScEcon International Politics, whilst expecting my first baby in January - I don't plan to take a break apart from not doing my January exams grin confused

WhatWouldGibbsDo - Student Finance is the worst!! I swear the studying part is less hard than the actual applications for uni!

crabbiepattie Sun 18-Aug-13 22:09:53

WWGD -its a BSc Design and Technology secondary education with QTS. So ill be qualified to teach 11-19 year olds in Design and Tech x

crabbiepattie Sun 18-Aug-13 22:13:08

Ouch @ madsetimes!!! I almost had to do elq but got mittigating circumstances because both my mum and aunt had breast ccancer while i was studying nursing when i was 18 x

Goingdownthegarden Thu 22-Aug-13 13:53:20

This is a good thread to find. I´m starting a ft bachelors in a few weeks after being a sahm for 2 years. I´m feeling a bit out of my depth already tbh! At present I only have childcare for ds for the mornings ... help!

crabbiepattie Thu 22-Aug-13 14:31:30

Had my freshers week time table :-) cant wait to get stuck in!! Also cant wait to get my first proper week of lextures. But more than anything, i cant wait to et that little bit of me time!! Even if it is on the commute to uni or sat in the library/workshop doing assignments! These summer holidays have been hard. Especially with DH refusing to take any time off!!

ChunkyFicken Thu 22-Aug-13 14:41:46

Oh my goodness crabbiepattie I could have written your post! These summer hols have been very loooooong. I have been feeling so sorry for myself, thinking I was the only one with a DH who refused to take time off.sad

Can't blimmin wait til Sept...grin

lagoonhaze Thu 22-Aug-13 17:53:36

Coldwater just wow! It will be hard going but good luck!

Good luck to everyone.

Hoping to be a third year SW student this sept.

thepurplepenguin Fri 23-Aug-13 10:08:28

Hi been lurking so thought I'd check in.

I've just completed a part time Graduate Diploma in Law and I'm starting the Legal Practice Course full time next month. I figure it's going to be a bit of a shock to the system.

niceupthedance Fri 23-Aug-13 10:46:39

I'll join in. Did a year last year and have now relocated so having to start again with a different course, albeit one I really wanted to do in the first place - social work.

Can't wait for my second fresher's week wink

ILoveWoollyStuff Fri 30-Aug-13 23:06:46

Count me in. I'm starting Occupational Therapy with 2 DDs (nearly 6yo and 18mo). I finish work on Tuesday and I'm looking forward to starting. I've spent this evening putting my timetable, which will no doubt change, into my diary in an attempt to be a little organised.

I'm having pre-course wobbles now that I've seen the time commitment in black and white. I've been lucky enough not to work FT since DD1 was born and I'm worried about the huge shock she is going to get at the number of days in breakfast and after school club as well as trying to adjust to a new class. I'm also a little worried about how little time I'll get with either of them (DD2 will be with my mum - a registered CM so I know I'm really privileged).

Good luck everyone; I'm expecting to put on several pounds as a result of consuming massive quantities of brew & biscuit.

ImATotJeSuisUneTot Sun 01-Sep-13 09:40:36

Aaaaargh. Student Finance! Should have gone into my account this weekend, and hasn't! They say my Uni haven't confirmed my studying with them. But they have. I was there!

And there's nobody at my university to answer the phone today and re-send it. Ace. I need that money!

ProtegeMoi Sun 01-Sep-13 18:51:18

I'm not going to uni yet, I'm starting my access course on Wednesday though and will be applying for uni next month.

I have 3 children aged 10, 9 and 1. I'm really scared. Have been a stay at home mum for 7 years now mostly as my son has disabilities.

Now I'll be a full time student as well as doing a voluntary placement, its going to be hard but my partner is very supportive so I'm sure we will make it work.

Bakingnovice Mon 02-Sep-13 21:34:24

Can I join? Leaving law to do occupational therapy. Still waiting to see what my bursary is. If I'm not entitled to much I don't know if I will be able to afford to study. They're so slow. I'm terrified. Truly terrified. I overestimated dh income on my forms and am now worried I'll get nothing.

Money is going to be really tight until I qualify and get a job in three years (if there are any jobs then!). I don't have my timetable yet and hope its not full of long days. I have no idea what to expect.

Woolly - are you studying up north?

ILoveWoollyStuff Mon 02-Sep-13 23:32:58

<waves to baking>
yes, I'm studying at home up north.
Hope things work out for you with finance. Conversley as dh earns next to nothing, my bursary and loan (I'll only get maintenance as I have a degree already) is pretty good this year. Our outgoings are also low as we're 'up north' and in total I don't think we'll be much worse off than mat leave.

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