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is anyone studying linguistics?

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Chickyboo Sat 13-Aug-05 20:11:11

Need a bit of help understanding a Child Discourse assignment. Please

beansontoast Sun 14-Aug-05 16:42:24

i have studied linguistics,child discourse in particular!
but whether i can help you is another matter
what are you studying?

Chickyboo Mon 15-Aug-05 11:13:50

I need to find evidence in some data that shows childrens awareness of recipient design. What I really want to know is do you just write down like an essay or is there a set way to do it. The lines are'nt numbered do you number them your self???

beansontoast Mon 15-Aug-05 19:47:42

hi,sooo glad you dont need help with the content

i suppose the way you choose to write it depends on its :are you going to be expected to analyse child lang data in your job and write reports [thats my only experience] in which case id say an essay style is appropriate.

i dont know of any special way to write such assignments [thats not to say there isnt one] you could break the title down into its component parts,and address each seperately.including an intro and/or clinical/relevant implications.

with regard to the sample,you should number every utterance that the child [and adult?] makes and then you can quote/cite the numbers [in brackets]in the text of your essay...and attach the numbered data in your appendix.

mmm??..hope this helps a bit x

Chickyboo Mon 15-Aug-05 21:30:48

Oh my god help at last. thank yuo so much
The lecturer waas visiting and wasn't based on campus so it was hard to get any help. tried contact programme concenor luck so this has really helped. X

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