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jobs in the nhs whats going on??!!

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livvysmum Sat 13-Aug-05 14:37:28

was thinking of applying to study phsiotherapy next year, but then read in yesterdays mail, that there are no jobs for the graduates, and there's a shortage of positions for nurses too,
should i still go ahead and apply? will there be a job for me?, will this all be sorted out by the time i graduate -2009. any one graduated and experienceing this or is it just the papers.

NomDePlume Sat 13-Aug-05 14:38:15

The Mail..... About says it all really....

NomDePlume Sat 13-Aug-05 14:38:38

Scaremongering b*stards

livvysmum Sat 13-Aug-05 14:46:56

LOL you lot make me smile, so i should go ahead then, coz i was thinking it would be something really interesting to do, i have plenty of time to think about it though as i'm starting an access course first.

thanks guys, your probabley right, should just stick to getting my info from MN.

NomDePlume Sat 13-Aug-05 14:48:18

Well, I'm hoping to start an NHS related degree in the next couple of years and I'm not remotely panicky about this 'news'.

RnB Sat 13-Aug-05 14:48:39

Message withdrawn

nooka Sat 13-Aug-05 16:02:58

This is nuts! I work for a PCT and there are huge shortages of both nurses and therapists (especially community and peadiatric). Who knows what the latest round of reorganisation will have, but I can't see things changing for a good while yet (demand for healthcare isn't going to stop rising). The Mail might be referring to the issue about training places for junior doctors maybe.

chloeb2002 Sun 14-Aug-05 19:37:35

Go for it... sure with the sohortage of physios impacting ion the number of physio places availible, there must be plenty of work. as for an out of work nurse???? dont think i will see it in this lifetime? Physio is very tough to get into so write wisely in your application and lots of job experience!

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