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livvysmum Sun 17-Jul-05 20:02:59

any one doing podiatry/chiropody? just wondered what the course was like and what attracted you to it.
soz about bad spelling.

livvysmum Sun 24-Jul-05 13:33:09

well, i still think it,s interesting so i,ll just go ahead and look into it anyway, so there.

Mosschops30 Sun 24-Jul-05 14:11:59

Message withdrawn

livvysmum Mon 25-Jul-05 11:59:14

thanks, i was just being cheeky as i thought no read this thread anyway.
it,s something i,ve thought of doing since school. i had thought of midwifery, but looking at it more practically i don,t think i,d manage the hours, being a single parent i,d need an awful lot of night time child care and childcare is pretty slim already. so i thought about going back to my idea of chiropdy.
thanks for responding.

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