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tell me about social work qualifications

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Tortington Tue 05-Jul-05 11:38:05

am just thinking about options so its not serious at this stage.
i have a degree in english
i have a community work qualificatin - thats swhat i do now
i have looked on local uni websites - no use as only do one postgrad - and its fulltime
have phone learn direct who ended up giving me the OU number - the OU said only if yur working in social work and are sponsored by the employer.

my catch 22 is this
i cant afford to give up work to study - been there done that dh would hang me by my little toe from the chimney.

i know that over half the social work degree course is work placement - and i cant fit work placement with working full time.
i cant do part time work
i dont know if community work could count as work placement
having a degree i may be able to get accreditation on priority learning and miss some modules out according to learn direct.
am stuck - its looks like i cant change career

Marina Tue 05-Jul-05 11:52:53

You need Scummy, custy. She might have some ideas or advice for you.


granarybeck Tue 05-Jul-05 11:59:11

custardo, some unis do the MA social work part time (that gets you the dipsw as well). i started it full time, but it was very full time, much more than i'd imagined. they said it was term time, so i thought i'd be ok re placement, but it was going to go into summer hols, no easter etc. Sorry to sound negative but guess its best to know reality.
The gscc did give a burasry and paid quite a lot to childcare so may be worth enquiring, you got extra for being over 26, extra if a parent etc.

ScummyMummy Tue 05-Jul-05 23:29:56

Hi sweetie- Great idea! I need some social work colleagues on mumsnet and you'd be a brilliant social worker.

Some thoughts:

*Could you talk to your employer about whether they'd be happy to sponsor you? Do they consider themselves to be broadly a social work/social care agency? If they agree the OU shouldn't have a problem. You might also need to do a placement in a statutory setting but if work are agreeable to you doing the course that shouldn't be a major problem.

*Investigate different colleges- some will let you skip modules if previous study and/or experience means you are already knowledgeable in the area.

*Ring your local authority and ask if they have any student sponsorship schemes. These usually work in one of two ways:
1) You do the 2 year f/t course and the LA pay you an additional bursary in the expectation that you will work for their social services department for 2 years once you qualify
2) The LA employ you as a support worker while you study part time. Disadvantages to that are that the P/T route takes a while- 4 years or so? Not sure if you are as impatient as me but that was a big factor in me decisding to take a bit of a risk and go with full-time study.

*Have you looked at the GSSC bursary scheme before you say never to the full time course even without sponsorship? It's obviously a big pay cut from a f/t job but it may be more doable than you think especially if you can fit in a little bit of paid work in parallel- there's a useful long summer break if you need to earn some top-up dosh.

I can't think of anything else wildly helpful at present but I'll add more if I think of anything. If you want me to find out anything for you at college let me know.

Tortington Wed 06-Jul-05 11:40:17

no my employer wouldnt wear me doing a social work qualification. and i cant possibly give up work.

it was just a flight of fancy yesterday when i had some time. thanks very much for replying though everyone.

mummyjen Fri 12-Aug-05 10:31:09

Hi, I dont have a child yet but I am thinking due to circumstance and also time that i may get pregnant at the start of an MA in Social Work that Leeds Local Authority pay you to do, any ideas how that might be anyone? Am I stupid should I put it off? What will it be like if I am trying to look after a new born and doing a disseretation? Any one tried it?

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