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Kezabelle Mon 04-Jul-05 14:39:05

Does anyone know if you can do an Access course via distance learning?

NomDePlume Mon 04-Jul-05 14:40:29

I don't think it is possible, Keza

spacedonkey Mon 04-Jul-05 14:44:28

What did you have in mind to do afterwards Kezabelle?

Kezabelle Mon 04-Jul-05 14:45:17

Ah thanks NDP Never mind xx

Kezabelle Mon 04-Jul-05 14:46:42

Well Space, I live in Spain at the moment but we are moving back and I want to do Midwifery so need to do an Access course first, was just thinking I could get it started whilst here xx

spacedonkey Mon 04-Jul-05 14:47:40

Do open university offer anything?

Kezabelle Mon 04-Jul-05 14:49:18

I have looked and don't think they offer anything that would gain entry to a Midwifery degree Have looked at the course online at what will be my local uni and it says A Levels or Access Course

spacedonkey Mon 04-Jul-05 14:50:05

You could do A Levels by distance learning, but it might be tough to get 2 or 3 of them done in a year ...

Kezabelle Mon 04-Jul-05 14:52:34

Yeh I hadn't thought of that, but like you say it might be difficult to get so many done in such a short space of time. Grrr it's all so frustrating

BadHair Mon 04-Jul-05 15:07:22

I don't know of anywhere that teaches Midwifery by distance learning due to the practical aspect of the training.
But when are you looking to move back? You can do part of a Midwifery course in Spain then transfer your credits in when you move back.
Do you have any relevant experience? You can use that as transfer credit too.
Find the UK institution at which you would like to study, ring them and ask what you need to do to get in. and should have more info.

Kezabelle Mon 04-Jul-05 17:25:58

Ah no Badhair, I'm not looking to do the Midwifery course Distance Learning. I really wanted to do the Access course to gain access to the Midwifery course in the UK when I get back.
Thanks for your message xx

goldiilocks Tue 05-Jul-05 10:37:16

Hi Kezabelle im was in the same predicament as you. I have decided to do two gcse this year now. such a shame you cant do an equivilant throu the ou!!

Kezabelle Tue 05-Jul-05 19:29:10

Goldilocks, I already have my GCSE's but I was under the impression that I would need either A'Levels or an Access course to gain entry to a Midwifery degree. I am confused now

goldiilocks Mon 11-Jul-05 17:32:49

Hi have found this distant learning access course on the student midwives santuary!

Kezabelle Thu 14-Jul-05 13:35:08

Thanks Goldilocks, will have a look now xx

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