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Has anyone done Montessori Training?

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lunavix Mon 20-Jun-05 21:12:49

I have a few questions. My BF has done it, but was suitably vague!

There's the MMI, if I am correct, who have one location in london, their course is a few thousand pounds, but they claim to be the only 'proper' montessori institute.

If you don't do their course does it impair your chances of finding work? Or is that just in their few nurserys/schools etc?

I think BF did the AMI, which has more reasonable locations, but I am uncertain. She has worked in Hong Kong as well so I suppose it hasn't impaired her too much.

Any thoughts?

Chandra Mon 20-Jun-05 21:25:42

My mother studied under the MMI (actually, Mario Montessori was her teacher). As you can imagine this was long time ago and things have changed a lot in the last years when MOntessori has become very fashionable. Her main complain is not that many schools "borrow" the Montessori name without being properly qualified in the subject, but that many teacher only study to be qualified for early years education (before 5) and then end teaching primary school. However, if your friend was already a teacher who was later trained as a Montessori teacher then things sgould be OK. Every school chooses their own teachers, and I suppose is like every other study under the sun, if you graduated from a very respected intitution then you get more chances to find a good job, though graduating from a less known school doesn't mean you are impaired to find it. I have seen many cases where the school finds the teachers they like and then pay them to go for Montessori training on the condition of working for the school once they finish their studies.

koo Mon 20-Jun-05 22:18:15

Message withdrawn

lmccrean Fri 08-Jul-05 15:10:43

lunavix - I started thinking about becoming a Montessori teacher just this week, and had the exact same questions you do. Trouble is,. I havent found any answers yet, and was wondering if you found out any more?

I had also found the MMI one, but with around 14 weeks worth of study in London, and 14 weeks worth of placement (my closest Montessori school is the only one in NI, about 5 hours round trip from where I live ) and me being a single mum, I dont think its feasible.

If I was to do that course, (and move temp to Newry and London) it would be with the aim of setting up my own nursery - wouldnt be worth the high costs otherwise.

Anyone found any long distance courses that are worth our time doing?

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