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Foundation Degree Early Years or PGCE or TA Cert?

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ChocolateGirl Tue 14-Jun-05 19:32:01

Could someone who is in teaching please advise?

I have been offered a place on a Teaching Assistant Course and a place on a Foundation Degree and I don't know which one to accept. They are both part-time.

I did an English degree almost 20 years ago and am now realising that I should have followed this up with a Primary PGCE - but I didn't. My children are 4, 3 and 1 at the moment but I have begun to think about returning to work in the next few years and thought I would have a go at being a Teaching Assistant.

But now I don't know what to do... The Foundation Degree offer came out of the blue, I hadn't even heard of the course... should I go for it? Or just do a TA Cert and then apply for a PGCE when the 1 yr old is in school?

Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you!

sharry Tue 14-Jun-05 19:59:54

I work as a senior TA in a rural primary school and just completed the foundation degree. This was a part time and could be done either over 3 yrs or 2. This degree looked at moduals such as child protection, inclusion, management, special needs, and parents as partners (which made it up to date on current practise within education!) It was a good way to get back into the achademic style of studying etc. If you are thinking of the TA cert, then trying for a pgce perhaps you need to talk to a uni or college where it's availible. I did this last year and found out loads of info, try the TTA website for availibility in your area! Good luck!

jennifersofia Tue 14-Jun-05 20:06:13

Hi, I have a 2.5 yr old and a 4 yr old, and I am currently doing the full time PGCE. It depends on what you are looking for - I took on the course because it was only 1 yr long, but I have wondered if it was a good idea. It is a good course, but VERY stressful, with not much time or consideration for family. If you are thinking about going for the PGCE, I would personally advise you to wait until your 1 yr old is in school.
I could go on into specifics but I don't want to put you off! How long are the TA / foundation courses? Maybe you could do one of them now and the full on teaching thing in a couple of years?
Whatever you do, good luck!

ChocolateGirl Tue 14-Jun-05 20:17:19

jennifersofia, thank you for your reply. It is so good to hear from someone in a similar situation to myself.

If I did a PGCE I think I would definitely wait until dd (the one year old) is in school, maybe even in Year 1.

The TA course is part-time, one evening a week and two mornings a week in school. The Foundation Degree is slightly more - and a bit of a long haul in that I would do two years part-time, then another part-time year doing Year 3 of the Honours Degree in Education, then one year full time in school to get QTS. No PGCE.

I suppose it appeals because it is an interesting course and would give me some background in child development, etc. And I have got a place! But I would still end up doing a full-time year.

Maybe I would be better off just getting experience in a school as a volunteer and doing the TA Course, and then doing the PGCE. If I could get on the course, I know it would be a hard year but it would be paid (probably) and I'd get PGCE and QTS. And I wouldn't have dragged it out for so long!

Do you have any thoughts. Email me if you prefer/have time: You won't put me off - I think it's better to know!!

Thank you again. And congratulations on what you're doing, especially as you must be nearly at the end now! It can't be easy...

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