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Is anyone else spending their half-term writing essays?

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jofeb04 Fri 23-Oct-09 18:12:48

Because I am! I have three to get in by middle November, so going to be spending most of the half-term writing at least two of these!

Anyone want to join me?

Mspontipine Fri 23-Oct-09 22:38:59

Yep - me - and we're away for 4 days. teachers kept talking about holiday as all this free studying space stretching ahead of us - if only....

I'm doing Access to HE - Not the airy fairy I thought it was!!

Mspontipine Fri 23-Oct-09 22:40:03

Oh wow - you're a doula!! What are you studying?

Xavielli Sat 24-Oct-09 22:57:20

I'm doing Access to HE too. got 3 essays making up two assignments to be doing over half term.

The poor kids are going to be so bored!

And I have a wedding cake to make!

Kinda dreading uni now, how will I fit it all in?!

Mspontipine Sat 24-Oct-09 23:17:35

I love your cakes Xavielli. Doing essays again's a killer isn't it. I'm taking a load of reading away with me, despite what my mum says! I've so much to do - it won't do itself ffs.

Mspontipine Sat 24-Oct-09 23:18:57

When I did A'levels and got none!! (20 yrs ago) they said that A levels were the hardest bit. Hope so.

ABitHaloweenBatty Sun 25-Oct-09 13:52:41

I have a criminology essay to be done for 3rd November so can I join in please smile

I've just started a Sociology&Criminology degree, after doing Access to HE in 2001.

bramblebooks Sun 25-Oct-09 14:28:53

I've got one to get in by end nov about difficulties in literacy - need to steal a march on it over the hols. I'm on second M.Ed. Am a glutton for it.

purepurple Sun 25-Oct-09 14:35:04

I have 2 to do by the 11th November.
One on child observations and the other on learning styles and the implication of them on my own learning journey.
I don't feel very motivated to do either of them.

jofeb04 Mon 26-Oct-09 11:55:42

Hiya All,
After starting this thread, I went off to do some work!

I'm doing a Psychology Degree, and got two pieces of work to get in.

It's not going to well, the dc are not impressed that I have a book next to me, and it is not about dinasours!

Xavielli Tue 27-Oct-09 09:08:19

Hehe, the main assignment I need to get done by next tuesday is Psychology.

I know the stuff and I've got the info, it's just starting it!

Atleast the wedding cake is nearly finished!

EccentricaGallumbats Tue 27-Oct-09 09:17:12

Half Term??? What half term? I don't get any time off til a week at christmas.

I have to have decided on a dissertation topic, done some searching and given my supervisor a 300 word summary by the end of october. along with various other bits. Iy is the dissertation that is worrying me. I can't decide what to do.

Jazzicatz Tue 27-Oct-09 09:26:05

Have some sympathy - in about two weeks I will begin marking essays!!!! grin

LadyGlencoraPalliser Thu 29-Oct-09 21:31:23

I have one to hand in on Tuesday and another on Friday. Been trying today, but the DCs keep making me lose my train of thought.

Xavielli Fri 30-Oct-09 09:17:07

I've still not started! Feeling really bad about it. Everytime I sit down and think 'right, I'm gunna do this now' the kids want something, someone comes round etc.

Ugh, wondering why I started this course at the moment!

chopstheduck Fri 30-Oct-09 09:33:22

I missed this thread when it started, but yep! Had a tma due in yesterday, and finished it off before breakfast yesterday morning. <sigh>

Never again! I've spent the half term ratty with the kids. I do normalyl try to study so I don't work during hols, but because of a course overlap I jsut couldnt do it this time.

jofeb04 Sat 31-Oct-09 15:38:37

I've almost finished one essay. Got another one to start, but that is not due until mid November.

Just finding it hard when the dc are downstairs so working in the evening when they are asleep, but by then all I want is to relax!

Mspontipine Thu 05-Nov-09 17:04:34

Don't even have the time to MN anymore


Mspontipine Thu 05-Nov-09 17:05:49

Of all the emoticons we need what the buggering balls is that one???!!
Excuse swearing. Essayed out :-(

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