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MamaMaiasaura Sun 05-Jun-05 15:19:39

I am stressing.. my exams start tomorrow at 9.30 and i have managed little revision.. ds will not give me 5 minutes peace and i feel completely unable to focus. First exam is a seen papare which i got a little work done last night and thing i am deff going ot fail and the other is a multiple choice. Ds is only 5 and doesnt understand my need for study time.. and now whe i manage a couple of minutes i keep flucking back toi this site instead. I hate exams especially when you have to write essays in them

MamaMaiasaura Sun 05-Jun-05 15:20:12

sorry flicking.. wasnt meant to sound like another rude f word

strugstu Sun 05-Jun-05 15:26:45

oh dear awen, i have mc on thursday-anatomy and physiology.(oh joy)
i have loads of stuff stuck over my bathroom door so every time i go for a wee i read something!

guess u will be cramming tonight.

tiredemma Sun 05-Jun-05 15:52:38

snap awen, i have three exams over two days next week, the revision that i have managed to do does not seem to be sinking in at all.

i cant remeber my seen essays at all and know i will fail, what are your essays on?

mine are- symapathetic nervous system - the fight/flight response

inequalities in health- ie why are there inequalities in health.

and something to do with nonverbal communication - which i have not had a chance to even LOOK at yet!

MamaMaiasaura Sun 05-Jun-05 21:09:03

right back on here. Sorry didnt respond. My seen essay is on public health, sociology and psycholgy. I am going to talk about inequalities in health too although the only reference i can remember is black report 1980 and then i know there is one in 2002 but never can remember the name. Basically paper is based round a patient and we have to taylor to branch of nursing taking all areas into account.. will talk about NSF too. Then after that i have my genetic basis of ill health/physiology paper.. mc tho.

MamaMaiasaura Sun 05-Jun-05 21:09:30

btw tired emma - we share the same name too

nutcracker Sun 05-Jun-05 21:10:45

Must stop reading your posts about college emma, they make me nervous.

snafu Sun 05-Jun-05 21:14:35

Nutty - had any more thoughts about college? (not nagging, just curious! )

nutcracker Sun 05-Jun-05 21:16:03

Have got a place on the access course for september, can't remember if you already knew that though ??

Am umming and ahhhing though still really.

hoxtonchick Sun 05-Jun-05 21:16:04

i think it was the Acheson Report in 2002 awen. good luck tomorrow.

nutcracker Sun 05-Jun-05 21:17:14

I get all enthusiastic about it and then I read one of tiredemmas posts and get scared

MamaMaiasaura Sun 05-Jun-05 21:24:40

Thanks Hoxtonchick Am going to try and wing the multiple choice

tiredemma Mon 06-Jun-05 08:19:15

not trying to scare you off nutty! the reason im struggling is because i left all of my revision to the last minute and now im panicking!

would love to walk into the canteen in sep and see you sitting there nutty!

awen, the 2002 report is the acheson report, i also have a specific NHS briefing paper about inequalities in health - mainly directed for the patient. i can send you a copy if you like?

nutcracker Mon 06-Jun-05 08:22:19

Ah your alright, I was only kidding ( i think)

So when are your exams, my friends are next week i think.

snafu Mon 06-Jun-05 08:23:13

Sorry nutty, missed your reply last night! I remember your thread about the doing the access course or whether to work instead. Hope you manage to work something out - would you be at the same college as emma then? Cool!

nutcracker Mon 06-Jun-05 08:26:47

Yep we would be at the same college

Haven't heard back from the one job I applied for yet but i think the closing date was the 10th.

I do sooooooo want to go to college I am just not sure wether I should do the acess course at the mo, or something that will mean I can get a job that fits in with the kids.

We need a rolling eyes emoticon on here, one of these days i'll make a desicion and stick to it.

tiredemma Mon 06-Jun-05 08:47:34

alright nutty! yep 2 exams tomorrow- 1000-1200 physiology
1300-1500- aspects of health

wed 1000-1200 psychology- hate this lesson with a passion.

i tried to get the day off work today to revise all day at home but they wouldnt let me, said it would be too busy- (have been in since 0800 and not took a call yet .

what jobs did you apply for??

nutcracker Mon 06-Jun-05 08:53:14

Ahh didn't realise you were at work now.

It was just a catering assistants job at the hospital. TBH I don't really want it, it is sat and sundays 7-3 , but we need to the money badley really.

Am just generally looking for something that will fit in around kids and still give me time for college work too.................not sure that exsists though.

Good luck with the exams, i'm sure you'll be fine.

tiredemma Mon 06-Jun-05 09:08:46

thnaks, if you hear any screaming around sutton tomorrow its probably me.
ill let you know how i get on.

nutcracker Mon 06-Jun-05 09:10:07


Loads of luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MamaMaiasaura Mon 06-Jun-05 16:12:03

After staying up till 3.30am this morning and being stressed out mum from another planet this morning I am calm Yay.. i have finished my exams.. first one bit crap altho managed to remember the references i needed too. The 2nd one i think i did ok in. Feel immense release of pressure tho. Just 2 more essays this year and then nothing till placement in September.

How were your exams tiredemma? hope they were ok with no nasty surprises.. they had put a few trick question in ours.. I have no idea why they do it (well they say to check we read the questions correctly)

strugstu Mon 06-Jun-05 16:37:30

well done awen - how long to the results?

MamaMaiasaura Mon 06-Jun-05 16:51:56

Thanks strugstu. 29 july for ratified results but we might get unratified earlier

Got 1 essay due in 18th July and another 26 august so think i should get stuck in to those this week.

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