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third time lucky??? (sorry became a bit long)

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sparkle09 Thu 17-Sep-09 22:57:46

so tomorrow morning im off to enrol on a part time course for the 3rd time this week.

first one i wanted to do was cancelled, so the lady suggested a slightly different one so i said yes but that was full! so she put me on a waiting list of another 2 students and if there was enough interest then another group would be set up,

well i thought the chances of that would be slim seen as there was only 48hrs until the course started and only 3 people on the list,

so i looked at other courses and found one that was during the day about 15 miles away and as it was near the trains it wouldnt have been that much of an effort to get there, phoned them to make sure the course was still open and it was, i said i would be there in the morning.

anyway i get there first thing to be bloody told that was cancelled too! sad

totally gave up, thinking i obviously wasnt destined to do this course and brought a new coat with the money instead (and a very pretty coat it is too. lol. came today grin)

well, my local collage phone today shock! saying theres a space for me. kind of explained that my money has now gone. oops.

its only 40quid but i cant give that amount in one go now. well anyway the girl said that the place needs to be filled or the course cant start and said i can pay in 2 installmentssmile

really trying to not get excited and really hoping that its not a sick joke because they got bored in enrollments today, and really hoping they have held this place for me like they said they would.

oh sod it, yes yes yes i could be going to collage again!!!!!!

juneybean Mon 21-Sep-09 23:09:36

Thats good! What course are you doing?

sparkle09 Tue 22-Sep-09 18:41:37

im doing swedish body massage grin

i start tomorrow im so excited. feel like a little kid, hehe

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