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I am officially a student!

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nikki1978 Wed 02-Sep-09 16:32:57

Well I went for my enrolment today and am officially a student with a student card and everything grin.

I am studying maths alevel at evening classes and am also doing biology alevel as a distance learning course as I couldn't find evening classes in this subject.

Have two years to complete the alevels in time to start a degree in Sept 2011 - fingers crossed.

Can't believe how excited I am about the challenge ahead! I already have two Alevels from my school days (took 3 but failed one) so hopefully I will have 4 alevels at the end which should set me in good stead to get into a good uni

Anyone else doing distance learning? I am using NEC for the biology and am just waiting to get all the stuff through.

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