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Financial help with childcare?

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fireflyfairy2 Mon 30-May-05 10:41:01

Hi, I was hoping that some of you student parents could tell me where to look for this at? I have a 3 year old and a 5month old. I am beginning a Uni degree in September and when I looked at the price of registered childminder I was appalled.... There is one girl who is willing to look after my kids, she was registered and came off the register as she just had 1 child to mind and the taxes were too high... If i pay her myself ((as shes not registered)) she charges £1.75 for first child and £1.50 for second child..when i count the course hours that i NEED childcare it adds up to about £50 a week. So what i was wondering, if i get help with childcare costs, do I have to have a minder who is registered to get help with paying them... or does the gov pay the childcare wether you have a family friend or grand parent minding them?
Any information would be appreciated, ideally I would prefer a registered childminder...but then as I would have no Uni over summer, would I have to pay a fee to keep the place open...and would it be up to ME to pay this fee or the Gov? I also looked on the Uni website last night and they say financial help is available to those with dependant this different from WFTC? Or would it replace it?

weesaidie Mon 30-May-05 11:19:40

I am in this situation aswell fireflyfairy2.

I am starting university in October and will probably be sending my dd (14 months) to nursery part-time. Will you get a free nursery place for your three year old or do you really not want that?

I think you can get a childcare funding from the government if you are in England or Wales. I in Scotland so I am applying for a lone parents grant, childcare grant (prob about £2000 altogether). Also, the uni I am going to offers mature student bursaries, a hardship fund and a child care fund! Am applying for all of the above!

Have you been in touch with LEA or SAAS (the government loan/grant funds) to see what you are entitled too. You may find you are able to afford a registered childminder...

Don't know if that is any help, I am still looking too.

Toothache Mon 30-May-05 11:27:54

Fireflyfairy2 - Unfortunately the children have to be with a registered child carer to be eligable for tax credits. I think they are looking to change that which would allow more Grandparents (for example) to give up work to care for their Grandchildren.

That is incredibly cheap childcare that girl is offering you btw.

If you put your 3 yr old in a Private Nursery that runs in conjunction with your local council (most do now)then you will receive Pre-school Vouchers..... as all 3yr olds are entitled to 5 2.5 hour sessions in Nursery per a week. It amounts to about £80 per month off.

By the sounds of it your Uni are saying that you can receive help other than WFTC..... I think you'd have to be working more than 16hrs a week to receive that.

Don't know if that helps you.... it's an expensive business eh! I want to go back to Uni next year to retrain as a Midwife and really need to know all this stuff too.

foxd Mon 30-May-05 12:08:10

Try having a look atthis link maybe theres a number on that you can call and get advice. If not get in touch with your local step forward office(adult careers advice office)and maybe they'll beable to point you in the right direction.

fireflyfairy2 Mon 30-May-05 13:06:37

Thank-you so much.

My 3 year old has been offered a free place at playgroup next year... this is from 9am until 12noon. If my classes fall after these hours she will need to go to the childminder...also the childminder charges me for the hours she is at playgroup as if she is ill she needs to go to childminder?

Yea, Toothache, I know they are cheap prices, and the lady is lovely, she has 2 children of her own and she has a big garden..basically her house has everything she needs to be registered, but she says all she has to do is ring up and they put her back on the registered list again...but as she will just have my kids for about 9/12 hours a week, it's not worth her while either as tax would eat away at that..and she'd put her prices up if she was on the list again... I have absolutely NO doubt that this woman is a fantastic minder, I have chatted with others who had her when their kids were small, and all were 100% happy with her.
I am in Ireland, and my course will just be from 9/12 hours a week ~ so thats bad news if i will just get halp if my course has to be over 16 hours....

Thank-you all so much for the help, and I will take a look at that link later... I will also try and get in touch with my LEA ((Would that be NEELB??))

Toothache Mon 30-May-05 13:10:35

FFF2 - How do the 9.5 hours work out eahc week? Are they spread over just one or 2 days?

Ah I see, you're not in the UK. Sorry, I just assumed.

fireflyfairy2 Mon 30-May-05 13:54:45

Sorry I didnt write that clearly.. it is 9 - 12hours. 3-4 hours per module and it's 3 modules. The fella i was chatting to said this includes my lectures too..

I'm hoping that we can manage my time-table to get the hours squeezed into 2 days, they are usually a little flexible with mature students who have kids (so i have been told). Then the other 3 days i have time at home to study or go to the library..if i go in the morning i just have the baby to sort, or take with me...

I have been doing a course this past 2 years and just give birth at xmas to my second child, so im hoping i can manage, and that i dont miss the pair of them too much

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