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ARRGH!! I am so pissed off i don't know whether to scream or cry!

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Clowance Thu 20-Aug-09 20:56:22

Bloody, bloody student finance people.

Way back in May I did my loan application online. Few weeks later i get a call saying my application has gone through wrong so they will cancel it and i'll have to apply again.

Into June and i apply again. Sign in to check progress and all is fine. Sign in a coulp of week later...application has disappeared!! I ring them up and get 'oh yes, sorry we had to delete it again but all you have to do is re-apply. Oh yes ever so sorry we should have told you'!! ARGH

Apply AGAIN in July. Send off evidence as requested.

So I sign in today to see if they recieved the evidence....application has bloody well gone again!

I AM SO F*CKED OFF angry angry

Doesn't look like i'm going to be getting any money any time soon sad

theDMsaSHAMazade Sun 23-Aug-09 10:21:19

you poor poor thing. i was advised to do the application on paper because the online system is fucked up this year as you can see. they are so infuriatingly incompetent, maybe you could try the paper method i've heard its mor likely to actually get looked at!

Clowance Mon 24-Aug-09 23:07:02

I got my local LEA to send me the paper forms in the end.
Just got to get up in time tomorrow for them to go with the first post collection!

Give me pen and paper over technology any day smile

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